Poll – You Don’t Know Jack (Macrae)

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 18 2018

Before his hamstring injury, Jack Macrae was the #1 Supercoach scorer…….even ahead of the mighty Ruck duo of Gawn and Grundy.ย  In his first game back, Macrae showed no signs of slowing down with a 131 performance against the Demons.ย  With a season average over 125, is Jack Macrae a must-have player for the last six weeks of the Supercoach season?


Is Jack Macrae a MUST HAVE for the last six weeks?

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14 thoughts on “Poll – You Don’t Know Jack (Macrae)”

  1. I think as well as # trades, it also depends on who else you don’t have.
    Given the Doggies season is pretty much over, I’d probably go Danger or even Dusty (or maybe even Zerrett – did I just say that) ahead of him for the run home. The MIDs is the one line I’m OK on for now so will wait until I NEED to, and make the HUGE and difficult decision then.
    That said, if you have the trades, wait a week and buy him then. BE is over 170. I know he’s been there before this year but it’s highly unlikely. Second game back from injury and all that … here’s hoping anyway ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Zerrett has been quietly killing it in recent weeks – 5 and 3 round average of 116ish. Only in 12% of teams too, he’s starting to repay those of us who paid $600k to start with him this year!


      1. And he’s more than repaying those of us who picked him up after his priced collapsed early in the year ๐Ÿ˜‰


    2. agreed, my midfield had a Danger-sized hole in it, and i need the points more than I need the trade i’m using to upgrade M.Crouch.

      already have Dusty and Zerrett… had them from the start and stuck to my guns belligerently about not trading them out.


  2. Boak for Oliver this week given Oliver be, will mean my mids are Danger, Titch, Zerrett, Wines, Cogs, Wingard or Heeney (one stays forward), Cripps, Pendles (bench Spargo, Ahern, Giro).

    Want to get Macrae next week and go into finals with four trades, one of which I will be looking for a cheap fwd/mid to open up options.

    So who goes for Macrae ??

    T/U Wines
    T/D Wingard

    Or maybe someone else ?


    1. Do you have Sicily or Gray in your fwds?

      You could trade them out, move Heeney and Wingard fwd and bring in Macrae that way?

      Otherwise depends on end of season goal (overall or league), trades left and cash reserves…..


  3. I can go Sicily to Macrae
    Tu- Good trades
    Td- Rethink or wait a week

    Sicily out, McDonald to defence and Heeney to forward line
    Leave a gap in the mids and then I can pick up Macrae with 150k still in the bank, this can then be used this week or next to upgrade Nank or Fritsch
    I have around 8 trades currently


  4. Anyone with a full midfield looking to offload Coniglio? He is a tease and rarely goes really large. Next week he will become Macrae in my team as will still have 6 trades left.



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