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Written by Schwarzwalder on March 28 2018

Simon asked the question of Zach Merrett in the Polling Station on Monday and we’re here to get the Coaching Staff’s opinion on the matter.

It’s not the fact that he ‘only’ scored 17 on the weekend.  The problem is that he’s been taken out of his last two appearances (JLT2 & Rd1) with concussion.  Another hit in the near-future might see Merrett taking an extended break.

So where do you stand on the Zerrett issue?  Nothing to worry about?  Or he shoud be traded out?  Let us know about it, Coaches……….

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8 thoughts on “Poll – Zerrett”

  1. Playing freo this week he’ll go big. i understand trading him in afl fantasy as having the luxury of two trades every week and you may want to play the breakeven game. but trading him in sc wtf?


    1. That gives me a lot more confidence in him. He looked absolutely filthy that they wouldn’t let him back on the field that night, so he’ll be looking to have a huge game against Freo.


  2. No concern from here. The fact that he was filthy he couldn’t get back on the park last week says a lot to me. Whilst concussed, it looked minor at worst.
    Will be looking to trade him in at his consequent reduced price early should it eventuate …



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