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Written by Schwarzwalder on May 24 2019

Slats asked the question of Merrett in the Polling Station and we’re only happy to help out……..

Zach Merrett has already finished two seasons as a Top10 MID and, at just 23 years of age, should be entering the prime stage of his career.  He currently sits in 10th place for total points scored in 2019 so he’s well on his way, once more.  So what is your view on Merrett?  Quality player or just flash-in-the-pan?


Will Zach Merrett finish the season as a Top10 MID?

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6 thoughts on “Poll – Zerrett”

  1. Tempted to bring him in this week, but ideally you’d get him in Round 13 after his bye. Six tons in eight games though, and Essendon play the Blues next week.

    Very, very tempted.


  2. At this stage I’m going Hayes & ROB for Zerrett & Fort.

    Zerrett fits in nicely having the week 12 bye – also has Carlton next week as Chillo mentioned.


    1. As a Merritt owner from the start I just have to say he sucks, can’t even reach 160. I’d stay well away from him. Just a burnt trade with no consistency, he will ruin your team and curse your life.

      I’m not at all worried about people jumping on and ruining him.



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