Polling Station – Preseason

Written by The Salamander on February 3 2021

Got a poll you’d like to see on SCT? Just request your poll in the comments below, and if the community deems it worthwhile, we’ll have that poll. Easy!

Unlike our more usual TU/TD threads, the thumbs here are for indicating whether or not you think a particular proposed poll is worth having, not voting in said poll.

So, what polls would you like to see over the coming days and weeks? Let us know in the comments below!


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17 thoughts on “Polling Station – Preseason”

  1. I’d love to see a yes/no vote to see how many coaches are looking at starting the season with all 4 of Gawn, Grundy, J Lloyd & Neale.

    By doing so, it equates to having only 12 premiums only (with a premium in this instance being a $500k plus player). Pondering the dilemma – does the option of being able to start with 2 or 3 extra premiums by NOT starting with them, outweigh NOT having them and the scores we hope they will score?


    1. I have two teams set up in a spreadsheet. One with only one of the big name rucks plus Preuss, one with G+G.

      I’ll work around injuries but both give me a solid base to pull together a team for round 1.


    1. You could even dig down deeper into this topic and break it up into those to start with and those to end with. There’s some that are must haves based on their starting price and there’s others that are maybe slightly expensive to start with but we’ll all be sweating on that one sub par score to bring their price down a fraction and then we’ll bring them in.


      1. I like this idea. I’ve got the ‘top 6/8 per position’ polls scheduled; once we’ve established a clear top echelon for each position, I’ll go back and do starter/upgrade polls.


  2. Lachie Whitfield just got injured with a bruised liver ; that’s 3-4 weeks.
    Would you still start him knowing GWS history of injury disclosure?
    TU Yes, it Doesn’t change anything
    TD No, that’s interrupted preseason


  3. To ROWELL or Not to ROWELL ?……That be the question !

    …and why are we having to fill in our email addresses with every post ? or is that just me ?
    Thanx Crew


    1. Hey, Syringe.

      I’ll get cracking on a Rowell poll soon, good idea.

      Yeah, you don’t HAVE to put your email in to comment but it helps sometimes if we want to get a message to someone about leagues, competitions, etc. we can just track them down in the comments. Your browser should be saving your name and email though? Shouldn’t have to put it in every time.


      1. Cheers GD , Look forward to it !
        Yeah, I can’t remember having to do it in past years, still it won’t let me post without it.???….could be yet, just another strange anomaly of the times we’re in. ?!?
        Thanx again GD
        Appreciate your reply
        All The Best Mate



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