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Written by Schwarzwalder on June 18 2018

Welcome to the Polling Station at SCT……where you control the content!

Instead of guessing what our Coaches would like to see during the week at SCT, we find it’s much easier if we just ask 😉  So what would you like to see at SCT this week?  Another poll on Dusty?  One for Coniglio?  Is he a keeper in the midfield?  Whatever poll it may be, we’ll do our best to fit it into our schedule before Rd14.  Over to you, Coaches……….


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25 thoughts on “Polling Station – Rd14”

  1. A poll on which players you think or are most likely to fade away during the pointy end of the season from their high averages.
    Example: I feel Lloyd will drop off after seeing last year he didn’t score a ton after the bye rounds


  2. Which rookies, if any, should be kept or targeted.
    Whether that be for their scoring (Tim Kelly, Bayley Fritsch) or for being used as a loophole (Olango)


    1. Great question but don’t think there’s one set answer. Maybe have a poll on how many trades people *will* have left and try and decide from there?


  3. A bit un-SuperCoach related but as a Collingwood fan I’m convinced that at the moment the Geelong – Hawthorn rivalry is bigger than the Collingwood-Carlton rivalry. My friend disagrees

    T/U: Cats vs Hawks
    T/D: Pies vs Blue rivals


  4. Matt crouch trade or hold.
    Currently have only fritsch to upgrade with 9 trades left and am really tempted to move crouch on for someone playing this week.


  5. Is this the year ollie wines finally breaks out?
    His next 6 rounds are dees (h), blues (a), saints (h), freo (a), gws (h) dogs (a)


  6. Poll suggestion
    Many teams are 95% complete / finalizing now – who does the SCT community think will be the highest scoring premo in each area for rest of season?
    If you had one of each vacant def / mid / ruck / fwd position left and no money or trade issues, which premo would you bring in to each position?



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