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Written by Schwarzwalder on June 26 2017

Here at SuperCoachTalk, we like to help all Coaches out as best we can.  One way to capitilise on our stable of Coaches is the use of various polls.  As we love to keep things interactive in our threads, we open up the Forum to you at the Polling Station.

Which polls would you like to see at SCT this week?  Which polls would help you best in the lead-up to Rd15?  Whatever the topic……..Dusty vs Merrett?  Is Nankervis done for the year?  Best mid-price defender?  Enter your suggestion into the Comments section below.  We’ll do our best to fit your polls into our schedule this week.  Thank you, Coaches!!

** A poll on remaining trades will be up later today **


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12 thoughts on “Polling Station – Rd15”

    1. Sandy will play at least a few games this season. He may not play many but he will play a few. I would be looking for a trade though depending on how many trades you have left and how your current ruckman are going.
      Possibly witts, Kruezer or even vardy could be a good cash cow


  1. Polls on various “popular” mid pricers (that are not performing) and whether to move them on;


    1. I think a broader poll on the various options for a Beams replacement could be worthwhile. Even more so if it focussed on players who are around the same price as him.



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