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Written by Schwarzwalder on July 10 2017

In our endeavours to help our Coaches as best as possible, we now open up the Forum to you all!  Which polls would be most beneficial for you and your side right now?  Which polls would you like to see at SCT this week?

A weekly Fyfe poll?  A weekly Heath Shaw poll?  Ideal team polls?  J.Selwood vs Rockliff – best value?  Whatever your request may be, we’ll try and get it happening by the end of the week.  Over to you, Coaches……….

** A poll on remaining trades will be up this afternoon **


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18 thoughts on “Polling Station – Rd17”

  1. Fyfe: Trade or Hold!

    Nah, just kidding. How about trades remaining, combined with whether your team is ‘complete’?


    1. OK, I just saw that a trades remaining poll is already scheduled. Is it too early to start a “First Player Selected in 2018” poll?

      btw, I can’t seem to edit posts at the moment, it just comes up with a blank screen when I hit edit.


  2. Less of a poll idea, maybe more an actual post idea, but players we don’t want to see play in the remaining rounds and unnecessarily inflate their 2018 start price. Nathan Freeman and Alex Johnson immediately come to mind.


    1. Freeman out this week with back spasms. I don’t think he’ll play this year unless the Saints drop out of finals contention. Absolutely killing it at VFL level but they’ve changed his running style and his kicking lacks control and depth at the moment. Barring injury he’ll play early and often in 2018.


  3. Top 10 in def, mid, fwd polls for remainder of the year.
    best options under $500k in def, mid, fwd (or best D/ F7 or M9).

    also for people with completed teams a good discussion might be around the which teams are options for non playing rookies in each line to use as a loophole (had a quick look at rounds 20-22 and I think Saints, freo, hawks all have sat, sun games. Freo / Hawks will potentially have a sunday game in rd 23 if they are out of the finals race)


  4. Ok, people will probably start throwing rocks at me for this one. But a poll on the hypothetical of what strategy Danger owners would do if he went down with a season ending injury?


  5. Joestar.

    I traded in P Cripps this week and need a replacement.

    With trades getting low, I would like a poll on the most durable Mids

    We could also have one for defence , forwards etc.

    I know Cripps was unlucky, but I really can’t afford any more trade ins to go down.

    So who averages 110+ and doesn’t miss a game?


  6. I’d love to see a poll about the players with the highest ceiling to use as loophole D7/M9/F7.

    I know there’s inconsistent players like Robbie Gray out there that can go huge and would love to see them for depth options.


  7. I know it’s not a poll, but is there any chance we could have a ‘2018 plans’ thread each week? We could make it one of those sticky ones at the top, like Trade Talk.



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