Polling Station Rd18

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 15 2019

**Dane would normally give us his detailed Round Review at this time.  He had a short getaway over the weekend and will be back on Tuesday morning.  Thank you for your patience, Coaches!**


Welcome back to the Polling Station…….where YOU control the content here at supercoachtalk.com!

With only two weeks to go till SuperCoach Finals, all Coaches are looking for some sort of ‘edge’ at the pointy end of the season.  Is there anything specific you want to put forward to the Coaches out there?  A certain poll?  A discussion thread?  Any footy issues you wanna chat about?  Just leave your suggestion in the comments below.  We’ll do our best to fit it into the schedule before Friday night……….


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12 thoughts on “Polling Station Rd18”

  1. Hey Schwarz and co. Have a purely selfish request here (sorry!)
    Top 10 with 4 trades and no Gawn (or cripps)

    Had to trade him out to avoid the donut so i bought Lycett in with the plan to DPP him to Worpel. Kelly and Hore threw a spanner in the works last week. Worpel finally performed and Gawn has a high BE still so can hold off a week but i didnt expect him to bounce back so quickly.
    T/u : Get Gawn now at all costs
    T/d : Hold for 2 weeks and save those trades

    Thanks as always legends!


  2. Just interested in thoughts…is footy becoming more “humane” ? Am I the only one noticing players growing care/concern for each other..consoling injured oppts, chatting during games etc….


    1. I watch every Tigers game…….and I’d say definitely……however, I find it to be an act of sportsmanship and respect more than anything else. Which I think is better for the game than the ‘ol “push and shove” or Ben Stratton’s stomping and pinching….


  3. How many trades do coaches have after completion of R17?
    How many players do coaches still need to be full premium?


  4. Positional changes we see coming in 2020.

    A few spring to mind immediately:
    Marshall to ruck
    T Kelly, Boak and Whitfield to mids
    Moore to lose DPP and become just def
    Could Ablett be just fwd?



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