Polling Station – Rd20

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 31 2017

We’re putting out the call again on Monday……….You control the content here at SCT so which polls would you like to see during the week?ย  Which polls would most help your team ahead of Week One of the SC-Finals?ย  Best MID option under $500k? Best Ruck replacement for Goldstein?ย  Whatever topic you’d like, enter it into the Comments below and we’ll fit it into our schedule for you.ย  Thanks Coaches!

** A poll on remaining trades will be up shortly **


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10 thoughts on “Polling Station – Rd20”

  1. Not anything for finals but putting forward the best ‘Rookie of the year’
    Newman, Witherden, Greenwood


    1. Throw SPP’s constituency in the mix too.

      Depends on our definition of a rookie but at 217K Witts has been enormous for us this season.


  2. To Sloan or not to Sloan..that is the question ?

    What is the answer ?

    Sloan seems to be a perennial poller; maybe F1 should be his go


  3. If I went into this years draft and inevitably get drafted, will I be your first player picked in your 2018 teams?


  4. If Danger gets a week, a trade or hold thread would be awesome.

    Probably depends on your situation. People without a double chance might be tempted to trade him out, those with a double chance would be best to hold.


  5. I would like a poll on Rankings.

    Are you better this year than last?

    Whats your highest ranking this year? In what round?

    Maybe call it Snakes and Ladders.



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