Polling Station – Rd22

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 20 2018

The Polling Station is your chance to tell us what you need for the week ahead.  So what is it you need ahead of your Grand Finals?  Let us know below and we’ll get it happening before Friday night…………


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11 thoughts on “Polling Station – Rd22”

    1. I mean it’s not as farfetch’d as you’d think. His 3 game average against them is 92 and will surely cop the Hewett tag who held him to his lowest score (72) this season. Bold strategy to break to the top 10!


  1. Got 2 trades left, not much money, traded in Sloane as a pod for a disappointing Rockliff(was hoping he’d come good still waiting).
    Last trade will be bench cover possible loophole-
    T/U- Westhoff
    T/D- Harmes (pod, 3 tons in a row)



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