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Written by Schwarzwalder on August 12 2019

Welcome back to the Polling Station, where you control the content at SCT………

That time of the week again……..tell us what you’d like to see ahead of Rd22.  Any polls that might help you find a win in a critical Prelim?  Let us know below, we’ll do our best to get it happening before Friday night……….


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25 thoughts on “Polling Station Rd22”

  1. Would be interested to see how many of the top 6 defenders, top 8 mids, 2 top rucks and top 6 forwards that coaches had in their teams at round 1.


  2. Need to trade buddy to a mid this week
    Already have
    Cripps macrae bont Neale Merrett dunks Kelly danger Sloane
    520 k to spend


          1. Agree with avoiding Ross due to his outside game style and lack of contested possessions and tackles. Has averaged 29+ disposals in a season twice, but has not mustered a season average over 105.


          2. I hear ya Stu, but it doesn’t appear Ratts stands for ‘laziness’ and with Hanners back and linking up play, I reckon he’s a value pick for PJ’s budget.

            That is all. He certainly isn’t one of the Saints I’m considering starting next year. Likely never will be. But with CAR and SYD the next two weeks I’m expecting him to deliver beyond his price point. At this stage, that’s all that matters isn’t it?!?


    1. Hang on. Buddy who?? You can’t be talking about lance franklin, he hasn’t played since round 14 and it’s now round 22.


      1. yep
        put him in the week he got injured
        looked like he was ready to go bang
        but instead he went twang
        iv’e been using him as a fwd loophole in the hope he’d get back
        cant wait any longer though


  3. I think we need to decide on a SC all Australian. Main positions being the top 6 and all the bench positions being best rookies. Do we go with ave or overnight points for the prems and most money made for the rookies.?



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