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Written by Schwarzwalder on August 21 2017

This website was set up with the express purpose of assisting fellow Coaches in all aspects of Supercoach. A popular aspect has always been our polls that we run on a (near) daily basis. With the Grand Final ahead of us, itโ€™s only fair to ask which polls would assist you best this week? Which polls would you like to see at SCT this week? Best DEF POD? Best value midfielder?ย  Left-field Ruck option?ย  Whatever the suggestion, type it into the Forum below.ย  We’ll get the polls happening before the end of the week…………


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7 thoughts on “Polling Station – Rd23”

  1. Break out the Mid Priced Madness.

    We could have a poll trying to find next years Mid Priced Breakout.

    Think this years Kelly ,Oliver or Yeo.

    Heres some to think about. They will be cheap, but will they perform?

    Nic Nat
    P Seedsman
    H. Bennell
    C. Petracca
    P Hanley


    1. Nic Nat for sure if he’s fit and firing.

      Bennell but he doesn’t fit my anti Voldemort selection policy but he’s all class. If he gets his body, mind and soul right he should be considered. That’s a big if though.

      If North trades out Goldy, Preuss could be a stepping stone ruckmen but probably a little too akwardly priced.

      Jaeger??? He’ll be priced cheaper than this year. Surely not!! But he’ll tempt some no doubt.


  2. what to do with bont n dalhouse ,
    maybe trade to buddy n Sloane
    will buddy fire ,
    will Sloane choke again under the tag



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