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Written by Schwarzwalder on April 23 2018

As always on a Monday, we throw open the Forum to our Coaches.  We could make an educated guess about what you’d like to see during the week here at SCT………or we could simply ask!

If there are any polls you’d like to see ahead of Rd6, then don’t hesitate to let us know.  Macca has already requested a poll on Sam Jacobs in the Coaches Box which will be up shortly.  Anything else you’d like to see?  Ruck replacements?  Best Fallen Premiums?  Whatever it is, write it in the comments section.  We’ll try and fit it into the schedule before Rd6 kicks off on Friday……….


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22 thoughts on “Polling Station – Rd6”

  1. A pole on Mirra would be allright
    I was keen on him and after watching some the game I thought he didn’t do to bad, but ive seen other comments on this site and everyone has turned off on him so I’m not sure now.
    Is he worth downgrading to or not


    1. We could open this up to include all bubble boys, with comments used for those in the know to provide additional info.
      A must I reckon this week.


    2. The things he did annoys Clarkson. Limited communication with team mates (caused a drop mark running back which resulted in a goal) and blazed away numerous times which went straight to a North player and came straight back in costing a goal or two. Will be interesting to see if he persists.


  2. How about four separate polls on the different positions DEF MID RUCK FWD to rate who SCTers think will be the top 6,8,2 and 6 scorers, from here to season’s end?
    As people come to the end of their corrective trades and start releasing fattened cows to pasture, it could prove a handy reference tool as people tweak strategies to get to full premo teams.
    Just a thought, though we could then all end up with the same teams!!!


    1. To kick things off in my opinion:

      DEF: Laird, Simpson, Yeo, Hurley, Hurn, Lloyd (Savage, Tuohy, Rance)
      MID: Mitchell, Martin, Dangerfield, Fyfe, Macrae, Oliver, Cripps, Oliver (Coniglio, Gibbs, Selwood)
      RUCK: Gawn, Grundy (Martin, Nic Nait)
      FWD: Heeney, Gray, McLean, Franklin, Walters, Mundy (Menegola, Acres, Hogan?)


  3. Top taggers in the game and their influence – average of player to date, and average when tagged by one of the top taggers.
    Jacobs is the obvious one – but be interesting to see what others have the same impact.
    Critical info for captain choice I think.


    1. Taggers is a good idea, or the teams/coaches whose preference is to employ this tactic, ie we know North and Melbourne do it, Port do sometimes with Ebert playing the role … who does it / how often / who NEVER does it etc. etc.. Not sure it’s a Poll, more of a piece. Sadly I don’t have the knowledge to write it.


      1. Ade:
        Bris: Robinson
        Car: Ed Curnow
        Coll: Pendles and Sidey in recent weeks, otherwise Greenwood who is very good tagger
        Freo: Banfield, doing well despite age
        GWS: Ward sometimes?
        Melb: Vince & Jones
        NM: Jacobs #1 in AFL
        Port: Ebert
        Rich: Grahram
        STK: Stevens
        WCE: Yeo sometimes

        Did this off the top of my head, so definitely missed a few… feel free to add to and critique.


  4. I’d like to know of all those people on the site who finished in top 100 last year where are you positioned right now this year and do you still think you can finish top 100 again this year?


    1. Also be good to know, how far behind you reckon you can be and still have a chance in the overall (points rather than places is probably more relevant).


  5. Beautifully fattening defensive cows but who goes first ??? Want Yeo this week but it would have to be Finlayson/Doedee/Murray.
    I’m betting many have a similar “nice” problem.


      1. I think so too. I also think Doedee and Murray look more comfortable each and every week. With distinct lack of CONSISTENT premos, I’m happy to keep all three for a while yet, especially with numerous others coming close to their best before and sell by dates 😉



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