Positional Predictionals 2018

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 13 2017

Chips Ahoy! asked me to look into possible positional changes for 2018.  Since my 2017 campaign is practically dead and buried, I’m happy to have a quick look.  These are the first five names that sprung to mind when looking ahead to 2018:


Patrick Dangerfield (GEE) M to F/M – The stats speak for themself……..After 15 games this season, Danger already has 27 goals to his name.  That’s more than most key position forwards!  He’s kicked 3+ goals on six occasions this season.  When he’s not kicking them from the middle, Danger can usually be found resting forward.  Sure, everyone would choose him but everyone has him in their side now……because he’s the best in the comp!!!!!’


Sam Docherty (CAR) D to D/M – Averaging 28 touches a game and attending many centre bounces in 2017, a strong case could be made to make Doc a dual-position player.  If Taylor Adams can attain the status then what’s stopping Doc?


Gary Ablett (GCS) M to F/M – Spends plenty of his time resting forward and would be the logical move for Champion Data to make.  Even more time up forward on the cards at Geelong? 😉


Robbie Gray (PTA) M to F/M – Looks like he’s struggling with those constant groin complaints and is playing forward as a result.  With minimal midfield time in 2017, it’s hard to see how he’s not a dual position player in 2018 (or even a pure FWD!).  Gray already has 32 goals to his name in 2017 which puts him in contention for the Coleman Medal.  Should be a no-brainer for the good folks at Champion Data.


Caleb Daniel (WBD) F to F/M – No longer just skirting around the 50m Arch, Daniel is trying his hand in the midfield every chance he gets.  The little Hobbitt with his helmet to protect from the heartless Orcs, is in line to get an upgrade to dual position.


Who can you see having a change to their current Supercoach position?  I’ll be back with another list of possible candidates in the coming weeks……..


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17 thoughts on “Positional Predictionals 2018”

  1. Good work Schwarz. Here are a few off the top of my head, some of which may be relevant:

    Yeo and Macrae won’t be forwards
    Brandon Ellis for def/mid
    Jeremy McGovern for def/fwd
    Michael Walters for fwd/mid
    Shaun Burgoyne (if active) for def/mid
    Jack Newnes for def/mid?
    Shaun Higgins for fwd/mid
    Christian Petracca for fwd/mid
    Chad Wingard for fwd/mid
    Isaac Heeney for fwd/mid


  2. From the Dees:

    Tom McDonald will be a FWD/DEF, which would bring him into serious consideration.

    Jack Watts may crack it for FWD/RUCK, but wouldn’t be too relevant for either.

    Jordan Lewis will be a MID/DEF, but he’s been so slow this year its starting to look like Hawthorn won that trade.


  3. A few clubs have started throwing mids in to contest centre bounces so Grigg and Bontempelli for Mid/Ruck should be a lock.


  4. At the beginning of the year, some dude from CD explained why Jaeger didn’t get further discounted based on 0 games from last year, he admitted that sometimes ‘CD always do what they should’ (or something to that effect) so every coach out there doesn’t have the same player. Maybe I’m a sceptic, but based on that, I don’t see how they will give Danger, Gray and Ablett, DPP – They’ll be in every single team!


    1. I can understand CD’s discretion, but Danger should be in every team anyway. And the other side of the argument is that if they don’t give someone like Gray DPP status, nobody will pick him.
      Ablett is a special case ( as always). I don’t think I would pick him even as a forward. He just misses far too many games.


    2. Gray should be forward but I agree, the chances of the premium midfielders being gifted DPP status is slim to none. I would be very surprised if Adams keeps DEF too.

      Gray would not be an auto start if given FWD. He’s averaging 92 given he’s playing small forward and whilst this is acceptable long term, he may be one to get later in the season as a F7 loophole given how volatile his scoring is.

      If he looks set to return to the midfield then yes, he should be locked.


  5. Dusty Martin reverted back to his DPP as a FWD/Mid. I know he’s a high end premium, and he’s definitely not scoring as many goals as he has in previous years; but the amount of time he’ll spend as Richmonds deepest forward… I could go on for hours explaining why he’s a forward, but I’m sure we all know this already


  6. At North:
    Luke McDonald – DEF to DEF/MID
    Jamie Macmillan – DEF to DEF/MID
    Shaun Higgins – FWD to FWD/MID
    Ryan Clarke – FWD/MID to MID
    Mitchell Hibberd – DEF/MID to DEF
    Sam Durdin – FWD to DEF


  7. If this year is anything to go by, almost nobody worth having will be given forward status next year, and all the best ones from this year will have their forward status confiscated.

    On the bright side, there will potentially be a serious advantage to be gained by anybody who can figure out a clever way of dealing with this.



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