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Written by Schwarzwalder on May 15 2017

After starting the year at $135k, Powell-Pepper has been one of the better rookies in a miserable season for Supercoaches everywhere.ย  Is he near the end of his shelf-life?

While SPP could provide decent cover for your team over the Bye Rounds, he may be nearing his peak value.ย  Are you really throwing that much more pts/cash away?ย  Let us know below…….



Is Powell-Pepper (PTA) ripe to move on?

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19 thoughts on “Powell – Poll Pepper”

  1. In a pre-China, living in 2016 bye structure i’d say he’s almost ready to be sold at the market but we now live in a SC world where two teams play through the agonising bye rounds and having a player who will chuck in 60s and 70s for all three weeks is better than doughnuts. At the very least keep him through the R11 bye when some of us are going to be in a world of pain.


  2. I had to read the title of this post three times to understand it

    I really don’t like Mondays, okay?


  3. With Black, Parsons, Eddy and Ryder I might be trading to avoid doughnuts in my forward line, depending on who gets named, the decision might get made for me!


  4. Does anyone know what the Marc Murphy sledge thing is all about? Is it true Wayne Carey shagged his mrs? is that what it’s all about?


    1. Our man Motts has connections at Visy Park and his info is usually pretty good so it could be on the money.

      Assorted rumours have it that Mottsy is either the secret love child of a Bluebird and the Princes Park nut man, Captain Carlton’s understudy or Lance Whitnall himself.


  5. Ideally I would’ve liked to hold SPP over the byes. If Rocky misses a week or two then I’d want to bring in another premium to plug the hole a bit. Looks like SPP needs to go for that to happen. All depends on your team structure and how you approach the byes…..


  6. My current bye stricture is – 21 / 23 / 15 (That’s actual playing, does not count Eddy and Strnadica.)

    So, I can’t really trade out anyone who is playing in R13. And, I need to be really careful of bringing in anyone not playing in R13. But it is much easier to fix an R13 issue that an R11 issue, and I only need to add three, although I know from the past that in practice more than 18 planned is a really good idea!

    Meaning SPP stays until R14 for me, unless something weird happens.



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