Pre-Season 2019: Thank You Notes

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 29 2019

After such a hectic pre-season, I finally get a chance to thank everyone who helped us to our busiest pre-season ever………

Thank you to our regular contributors in Thommo, Huttabito, Chillo & Father Dougal for your various articles over the pre-season! Very lucky to have such a reliable & motivated team working for SCT, thanks guys!

Thank you to Roo Bloke for organising his various competitions again this year! SCT wouldn’t be the same without it all……….

As I always say……..SCTs greatest strength lies with its Coaches since literally anybody can contribute. And we had a lot of help this pre-season that I’m very thankful for……..

Thank you to The Salamander for running our 2nd Annual (and still the ONLY) AFLW Fantasy Comp, complete with its very own ‘Salamander Scoring System’. Fantastic organisation and I look forward to seeing the results over the weekend. And if you hadn’t already noticed, The Salamander is now an official contributor. He’ll be bringing us Scoring Anomalies, Rare Gems / Movers & Shakers (alternate weeks) this year. Thanks Jack!

Thank you to Hot Sauce for offering his services to SCT for 2019. I’m sure you’ll agree that he’s brought some valuable insight with him as well as some entertaining writing. Hot Sauce will be looking after The MidPrice Reports, Captains Table & Trade Or Hold this year. Welcome on-board, Hot Sauce!

Thank you to Macca again for his ByePlanner which will be needed over the next few weeks! Love your work, Macca!

Many thanks to Ben for his help over the pre-season! Not only did he do a great job with the Team Previews but provided some great insight with his practice match reports and analysis work. Much appreciated, Ben!

AllSaints has been working tirelessly for SCT over the pre-season. Apart from his invaluable JLT Spreadsheets, AllSaints also had some great strategy write-ups that will help a lot of Coaches in 2019. He was also much involved in the Rate My Team threads which many Coaches appreciate!

Natopotato88 did a fantastic job with the ‘Ask The Coach’ series, translating all the ‘coach speak’ for us. Thank you, Nato!!

Thanks to MattyW for pitching in with a couple articles! You’re always welcome to add your insight when you’ve got something ready……

Thank you to the Coaches who helped out with Team Reviews…….Matteo, b-harvs, Zac F & I’ve Just Crashed KB, great work!

Thanks to The Death Adder for spreading the SCT message on Twitter all day /every day. Thanks Ads!

Thank you to our multiple donors (known and unknown/anonymous)! Without you we wouldn’t be able to offer such a great amount of prizemoney for our various competitions. Seriously though, who gives away more cash outside the official SC site than SCT? That’s all thanks to YOU! Big shout out to Catta here, there’s a reason why he has “Legend” status in our Hall Of Fame…….

As always, many thanks to Motts for letting me run amok on his website every day……..still having plenty of fun with it…….Thanks Motts!

Last but not least………our stats man Adam…..who ensured that we always had a steady stream of content with an unbelievable amount of stats. The effort you put into your stats is just phenomenal, Adam and we’re always thankful that you chose SCT to share them with. Thank you very much!

And of course……thank you to all the Coaches out there. Whether you actively participate in the Forum or like to read the articles/comments from a short distance…… contributed to our busiest ever Pre-Season with over a MILLION page views since December. THANK YOU ALL!!

Looking forward to further SuperCoach success with you all in 2019……..Good luck, Coaches!


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20 thoughts on “Pre-Season 2019: Thank You Notes”

  1. After a few years of learning lots of info from this site, it was an honour to be able to give back in a way and help more coaches coming in. I never expected to be writing articles but was asked by Schwarz to write some after he liked my small posts on twitter. Thanks for the opportunity Schwarz! Always happy to do it again as this is an amazing site, that brings me back every year!


  2. Cant say thanks enough to all the wonderful contributors. Schwarz in particular deserves a massive thank you for all the time and effort you put in!!

    I also want to just credit everyone that frequents this site even if you dont comment – without people thinking rationally and using the thumbs up/down appropriately this site would be much worse off.

    It’s also wonderful to have a site that isn’t so focused on rate my team threads. Something bout teaching a man to fish?

    Great shit everyone.


    1. yep, couldn’t agree more … need to give yourself a massive thanks Schwarzy!! Thanks for running everything and giving everyone a chance for their contributions … and dealing with the time differences in particular!! Awesome … as are all the brilliant writers and contributors on this site!


  3. I couldn’t have asked for a better Site Manager, Schwarz. In the time you’ve been running things for us, you’ve taken us to the next level. Thank YOU for all your hard work and of course thanks to everyone mentioned above for your ongoing efforts as well.


      1. haha RB!! Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s new … seen him blow in and out now and then … think he may support someone like the Bombers or something??? *wink*!!

        Heya Mottsy!!!


  4. Thanks everyone at SCT. There is no doubt that this the pre-eminent SuperCoach site in Australia. Well done and thank you for all the invaluable information, it’s very much appreciated…..M.


  5. Agree with all the above. Stumbled upon this site a couple years ago.
    Always been a friendly, inviting and most importantly informative collection of like minded souls.
    But for next season when I say I’m starting zerrett please disuade me lol.


  6. Thank you to everybody…’ve made a true old fart very happy…..

    Ps how did you get your hands on my retirement video?!?! LOL


  7. Thanks Guy’s

    I think I contributed my fair share to those Million hits 😉

    It’s been a long preseason and I have learnt so much.

    Thank you to everyone Schwatz mentioned, and all the other peeps that frequented this site early days this year.

    You really have help me fashion a team I’m pretty happy with.

    Now lets see if I can hold it together and finish top 1000 for the first time.

    Cheers FT.


  8. Hear Hear to all of the above comments, since I came across this site about three years ago my understanding of how to play the game has changed completely( for the better ) .
    Enjoy the good natured and clever banter particularly.


  9. Well done all, great site, good community !
    Always great and different advice…..
    Keep up the excellent work!



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