Pre-Season Stats Sheet 2017

Written by MJ on March 18 2017

You may have wondered where I’ve been all these days over the pre-season. Still licking my wounds from the cash league defeat at the hands of Motts in 2016, I’ve got my arms, legs, fingers and toes crossed you’ll forgive me for my absence by providing you with your new best friend for the next 5-6 days.

SCT’s All-In-One JLT Series Statistical Beast 2017

Click the link above to uncover all the juicy stats from the pre-season competition. Will you find the next H.Lumumba?


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8 thoughts on “Pre-Season Stats Sheet 2017”

  1. Big effort to back up again this year and create so much Excel-goodness ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love your work, MJ!


  2. Great job MJ and good to see you back!

    – For the backs, Wellingham jumps off the page for anyone into mid-madness.
    – Mzungu has been lifted out of rookie status, but only played the 1 game and unsure how many games he’ll get while not being cheap enough.
    – Currie and Dawson Simpson are almost set and forget rucks…! Actually Dawson is in my 3rd ruck spot, so go Daw!
    – For the forwards, I’m finding it harder and harder to deny Missy Higgins a spot as well as Jack Steele… ahhh!

    Think ‘glorified practice match, glorified practice match’


    1. Steele and Missy were already in mine. Not a great deal of premium forward action going bar the Bont, and Missy is an easy straight swap for Heeney.



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