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  1. Still stuck on a trade. Trading Porplyzia but only got 510K to spend. If i trade Treloar i will be able to get Zaha, but he still has a lot of money to make. So, this poll will decide my trade.
    T/U: Out: Porps In: ROK
    T/D: Out: Treloar In: Zaharakis
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Is it worth these trade to make some money:
    OUT: Porplyzia, J IN: Crozier, H

    OUT: Smith, D Williams, M

    TO free up $500,000 to upgrade after the byes.
    T/U: Good idea
    T/D What are you thinking??? Terrible idea


  3. still cant decide between cloke and 130k or zaka. lower than i’d like to be on trades and getting cloke essentially saves an extra downgrade later on, saving me a trade. cloke hasnt shown a lot this season but if he gets into some good form he could easily average 105-110 for the rest of the year. what does everyone think?

    thumbs up zaka
    thumbs down cloke + 130k


  4. Howdy Gang…..Back from sunny Thailand and walked into Carnage..

    Thinking this trade which happens to save me a donut this week but its not the reason Im doing it …Its more that Cogs is out for a month now and Sexton has good JS and dpp…..Also I dont see any other great mid rookies in the near future( Couch who knows, Williams killing it but cant break in,Miles maybe now that Cogs is out but still a few weeks away…)

    So Im thinking Cogs – Sexton

    T/U – Good trade

    T/D- Wait for something better


  5. Keep Scotland and hope he is back rd14?
    Downgrade Horse to Sexon?
    Wait for Crozier/Haynes to downgrade in rd 13?
    Trade Horse asap or give him a second chance?

    Too many questions and not enough thumbs!


  6. 14 trades left and plenty of cash, was thinking of trading not to avoid doughnuts but to take advantage of low breakevens.

    Porps -> Franklin BE 30
    Smith, D -> Chappy BE 51

    Do it?


  7. I am warming to Sexton as a slow-burning downgrade option, hopefully he will get consistent games. I already have Spurr so I am reluctant to bring him in if he is not going to be selected much in the second half of the season.

    Horse > Sexton and bank almost $200K – Thumbs UP
    Hod fire for this week – Thumbs DOWN


  8. Copping 4 donuts in the mid this week! Thinking horsley to jobe watson, which means next week i shouldn’t cop any donuts, do you reckon horsley has got a long way to go in price? Originally was trading out shiel but with a breakeven of 3 i just can’t do it,
    Thumbs up: Horsley to watson and 13 trades
    Thumbs down: Save it horsley has still got value!!


  9. hey guys, who do you think would be a better FWD option: Chappy (552,000) or Stevie J (535,700)? Chappy seems consistent, but stevie has hit a bit of form and could be a good POD?

    Thumbs up: go Chappy
    Thumbs down: go Stevie J



  10. 3 trades:
    Out: D smith, mohr, porps.
    In: Sam shaw, Zaha, Walker
    Need to minimise 0s could get cloke or another few round 12 bye players but then im screwed next week so im going for Walker.
    Will have 8 trades left for 2-3 upgrades.
    Good or bad trade?


  11. Think I’m gunna do these trades –

    Horsley to marley williams

    Porps to Pav

    Wouldve like to get beams or chappy bit I could only spend 495k because of the coniglio priddis trade next week.

    Thumbs good
    thumbs down bad


  12. I’m locking in Horsley > Didak this week as my sole trade.
    Will get away with only 3 donuts this week and a completed forward line.


  13. Which would you prefer…

    TU: Chappy, Sexton, 200k cash
    TD: Pavlich, Cloke

    Comment: Pavlich+Sexton+300k, Cloke+Sexton+400k, Stevie J+Sexton+200k or one of Chappy/Stevie J/Pavlich/Cloke plus keeping Horsely (only making one trade/only replacing one donut, and Horsely has a high BE and is being rested this week), plus 0-200k.


  14. Doing mohr and hoarsely out, bootsma and sexton in.
    I’m not sure if I should hold the 480k in the bank to upgrade next week or burn another trade and bring Ablett in for Adams….I hate the byes


  15. Facing too many donuts this week – can help my cause by getting rid of Porps, for either Cloke or Jack Riewoldt (all I can afford) and already have Buddy, Chappy, Danger & Sidebottom. Or do I suck it up, and save the trade – will have 10 left if I do it? Thoughts?

    Thumbs up – Porps > Cloke
    Thumbs down – porps < Jack Riewoldt


  16. have 10 donuts this week

    thinking of making three and eventually 4 trades

    scotland to any premium back excluding delids goddard shaw and waters could go grima or suckling meaning instead of traiding porps i could trade a.kennedy but instead of 80k left i would have 10k

    d.smith to williams
    porps/a.kennedy to beams or any premium fwd

    then next week bringing in priddis for horsley

    good idea or not?

    also any comment on who to bring in fwd and backline would be apreciated


  17. Started the week with 3 donuts, will have 5 donuts thanks to Penders & Horsley. 6 if Swanlow doesnโ€™t come up. Traded Didak in & heโ€™s on an extended bench which might give me 7. Didak will be the killer, am thinking of the reverse trade, but, think heโ€™ll appreciate during the run home.


  18. Horsely to Sexton to fill one of the 0’s, raise cash for Priddis trade next week + get DPP

    Thumbs UP: good trade

    Thumbs DOWN: do double trade next week to get Priddis.


  19. Porps to Didak (comment for porps to Cloke)

    Thumbs UP: Good trade

    Thumbs DOWN: sideways trade, don’t bother.

    PS probably looking at no trades but last minute options going through my head


  20. Porplyzia OUT, Gilbert IN
    McDonald OUT, Watson IN

    Planning for 2 or 3 donuts round 11 & 13 then taking a dive round 13 with about 8. 14 trades left going for broke after the byes.


  21. OUT Smith ($311,300) IN Sandilands ($541,300)

    OUT Horsley ($324,600) IN Didak ($339,200

    Didak to help the bye rounds, as well as being a POD. Will probably only be used as a M/F swing bench to cover injuries and Co. If firing could be used as F7.
    Sandi trade is via Hale’s dp Link. I think Sandi will be the highest averaging ruckman from here on in/

    Thoughts on these trades?

    Thumbs up- Good trades

    Thumbs down- Dont like ’em

    cheers guys


  22. Carlton v Geelong at Etihad Stadium, 7.50pm

    Carlton: Nil
    Geelong: James Podsiadly (soreness) replaced in the selected side by Jesse Stringer

    Carlton: Brock McLean, Josh Bootsma, Dennis Armfield
    Substitute: Chris Yarran
    Geelong: Andrew Mackie, James Kelly, Cameron Guthrie
    Substitute: Jesse Stringer


  23. Why are there even bye rounds when the afl can just make 1 split round? Really hoping for the sake of all our supercoach team that they just chuck in a couple of split rounds next year not this stupid 3 round bye crap!!!


  24. Hey all just want to know what you think:


    Good luck to you all this week.


  25. thumbs up scotland to cory enright
    thumbs down scotland to micheal johnson

    or comment for either broughton suckling or newman



  26. Trading out the porps and have narrowed it down to Zaka and Chappy.
    Chappy in great form, but Zaka 40k cheaper. What would you do guys? Pulling my hair out on this one!

    T/U Zaka
    T/D Chappy


  27. have 10 trades left

    (thumbs up)use three and bring in jhonson williams and chappy FOR d.smith Scotland and Porps
    then bring in priddis next week

    (thumbs down)OR save the trades maybe after byes bring in priddis etc,…


  28. Well, ended up using all three trades this week to reduce the carnage…

    A Kennedy —-> Elliot
    Parker —-> O’Keefe
    Horsely —-> Cotchin

    This will leave me with a team of:

    Lids, God, Clarke, Birchall, Morris, SHAW, SPURR
    (Lake, Darley)
    Ablett (C), Cotchin, Selwood, DANGERFIELD, SWALLOW, ZORKO
    (Pendlebury, Sheil)
    Roughead, Redden
    (Orren, Giles)
    Franklin, Sidebottom, Martin, O’Keefe, Hall, Elliot, LEWIS
    (Christensen, Treloar)

    6 doughnuts… Oh Dear.
    Thoughts? Good trades? Now have a complete forward line and one more upgrade needed for my midfield and backline each…



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