Prodigal Son – Dyson Heppell

Written by Father Dougal on March 20 2017

His Sordid past: Before the incident, he was showing good progress towards being a real premium.

Year Matches Average
2011 22 83.5
2012 20 84.1
2013 19 91.1
2014 21 106.4
2015 22 104.8

Why he left home: One of many Bombers to be grounded for a year.

Upon his return: He’s now 24, is listed as a midfielder for the Bombers, and is priced at $513,300. That’s means he is priced to average 94.3. He has played 2 Matches in the pre-season.

He returned as: He’s a breakout candidate. He is not priced low enough for me to call him a fallen premium.

From him we expect: Some rust that needs to be shaken off. As far as his average, I can imagine anything from 90 to 110. More likely towards the middle of that range and not the ends.

His Risk Rating*: Well, his game time looks certain as long as he is healthy. He has no extra risk from game time. If you plan on his averaging 100 you are pretty safe which would be a 1 and 1, maybe a 2 and 1. If you want higher the risk is higher. His total risk rating is 1 or 2 really, as long as you don’t expect premium output.

For that risk, the reward: He is barely underpriced. Some tables below.

He has virtually no chance to making significant money. The only reason to start with him is that you plan to keep him.

How welcome is he? Not very, but that is more because of where he is in his career than because of his missed time. I would not consider him even if he hadn’t missed a season; he is at the wrong point in his development to be a good supercoach choice.


*If you don’t know what a risk rating is, it is all in the article Risk Management in Supercoach.


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4 thoughts on “Prodigal Son – Dyson Heppell”

  1. It’s a no for me, was in my first initial sides as he’s priced nicely but he didn’t set the house on Fire in the JLT, i understand he’s rusty due to not playing last year but to risky for me to start with.


  2. I believe he was in my original side but team structure has changed things a bit. I’m taking the risk on Beams instead. There’s more upside there if things go his way. Hepell still decent value though



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