Progress Scores – Rd 23

Written by Thommo on August 24 2018

There have been some monster scores so far this weekend. Did you stick the Captaincy on any of them?

Score / # of players / C


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28 thoughts on “Progress Scores – Rd 23”

  1. 428/5
    Merrett, Wingard, Smith, Hurley, Lienart.
    Not having any trades last 3 rounds has burnt me.
    Have Doedee and Howe on defence bench.
    Have approx 14 different players to competitors in 3 grand finals so will enjoy roller coaster grandfinal.


  2. 181/2/Grundy>Gawn
    Westhoff, Gray. At least all three of my GF opponents also have Gray … the spud. Thanks Hoff for an awesome season!

    Should win two, but Lisa and I in The TEAM@SCT4 are going to the wire I think.



  3. 2064/17/Grundy

    Yeo, Hurn, Coniglio, Oliver & Gawn to play tomorrow.

    Looking like I’ve potentially taken the choccies in 6 GF’s already, but going down to the wire & 50/50 in 4 others!

    Good luck everyone for Sunday

    Cheers Catta


  4. 1913/15 with Grundy as c included. Hurn Robinson Cogs Gawn Oliver Tmac Yeo to come. Oppt had v on Danger but left c on Titch…..I don’t think it would matter as I’m heading for 2650-2700. Pity Buddy and Parker didn’t miss last week !!


  5. 1540/ Danger VC.
    Only one grand final left in my league and the Rocky and Buddy out are going to hurt as no trades left. Plus I will have one donut. Good luck to all to your final Sunday game, it has been a very eventfull season.


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  7. 1460/14/Gawn

    Have the V on Grundy but have to run with Gawn to stand ANY chance in my three GFs. It’ll likely cost me a few hundred spots in the Overall Rankings, but to be honest I’ve exceeded all my pre-season expectations by a huge margin, so

    am running with the C on Gawn (200+ please) and didn’t take Mihocek’s 83, in the vain hope that Jimmy Webster can pump out a pre-bye form 130+ … even then I’m unlikely to scrape a flag. Lisa and co. just way too strong for my tradeless allsaints.

    Well done to Lisa and …

    Good luck everyone else today. I guess this is the end huh?!? 🙁


  8. 1821/15/ VC Macrae…

    Looking to finish the season with a half decent score hopefully after some very mediocre performances in the back half of the year ……Port Adelaide Style….

    Been top 1000 all year until last week, so hopefully will push back in to finish the season there.

    Hurn, Yeo, Gawn, Oliver, Tmac, Coniglio, Billings all to come.

    Thanks to all on this site once again….


  9.  Hi all

    As promised earlier in the week, here is the first instalment of:


    This list contains those players who DID NOT PLAY a single game in 2018 and the information supplied is:

    Name, Club, Position (2018), Age (last week), Draft (Rd/Pick), Price Range (low then high)
    – those players that have an asterisk* after their name have played AFL games before
    – this list is ranked by expected price at season 2019’s start (highest first)

    Sam Docherty*, CAR, DEF, 24, 1/12, $443,388 $446,346
    Brad Crouch*, ADE, MID, 24, 1/2, $371,963 $374,444
     Zachary Williams*, GWS, DEF, 23, 8/95, $362,894 $365,315
     Martin Gleeson*, ESS, DEF, 23, 3/53, $268,761 $270,554
     Braydon Preuss*, NTH, RUC, 23, 1/15, $243,944 $245,572
     Tom Nicholls*, GCS, RUC, 26, -, $223,276 $224,766
     Harley Bennell*, FRE, FOR, 25, 1/2, $179,127 $180,322
     Sam Skinner*, BRL, DEF/FOR, 21, 3/47, $167,738 $168,857
     Luke Partington*, WCE, FOR, 21, 2/28, $153,959 $154,986
     Harrison Macreadie*, CAR, DEF, 20, 3/47, $149,319 $150,315
     Will Snelling*, PTA, MID, 21, 1/10, $148,405 $149,395
     Jack Scrimshaw*, GCS, DEF, 19, 1/7, $142,219 $143,168
     Will Setterfield*, GWS, MID/FOR, 21, 1/5, $137,579 $138,497
     Ben McKay*, NTH, DEF/FOR, 20, 1/21, $135,259 $136,161
     Kieran Lovell*, HAW, MID, 21, 1/22, $122,886 $123,706
     Dallas Willsmore, HAW, MID, 23, 3/34, $111,286 $112,029
     Tyson Stengle, RIC, FOR, 19, 1/6, $104,186 $104,881
     Matthew Ling, SYD, DEF, 19, 1/14, $102,840 $103,600
     Sam McLarty, COL, DEF, 20, 2/30, $102,800 $103,600
     Francis Watson, WCE, DEF, 22, -, $102,800 $103,600
     Mitchell Hinge, BRL, DEF, 20, 2/20, $102,800 $103,600
     Josh Rotham, WCE, DEF, 20, 2/37, $102,800 $103,600
     Declan Keilty, MEL, DEF, 23, 3/41, $102,800 $103,600
     Harrison Wigg, GCS, MID, 21, 2/35, $102,800 $103,600
     Lachlan Tiziani, GWS, FOR, 21, 4/54, $102,800 $103,600
     Oskar Baker, MEL, FOR, 20, 3/48, $102,800 $103,600
     Patrick Naish, RIC, MID/FOR, 19, 2/34, $102,800 $103,600
     Tom North, FRE, MID, 19, 4/65, $102,800 $103,600
     Angus Schumacher, CAR, DEF/MID, 19, 4/70, $102,800 $103,600
     Charlie Constable, GEE, MID, 19, 2/36, $102,800 $103,600
     Connor Ballenden, BRL, DEF/FOR, 19, 3/43, $102,800 $103,600
     Kyron Hayden, NTH, MID, 19, 4/62, $102,800 $103,600
     Changkuoth Jiath, HAW, FOR, 19, -, $102,800 $103,600

    The price range is based on what inflationary figure SuperCoach themselves place on the market for the forthcoming season, but it seems to always range between 0.4 and 1.1%, hence the range above. From my analysis over the last couple of months, ALL players who don’t play a single game for an entire season, receive a 30% discount the following season. There are no exceptions to this rule. Liberatore received a 40% discount a few years back, but that is because he was due a 10% discount the season prior (hence 10+30=40). I am therefore 99% certain that these are accurate.

    I hope this helps for planning purposes. Once Round23 has been completed, I will be compiling two more lists.

    The first, will be expected price ranges for ALL players who have averaged over 90 in 2018, ranked by season’s average.

    The second list will be for players who have played between 1 and 7 games inclusively. This is a little more complicated, as all these players are afforded some form of discount based on # of games played and their season’s average. But there are established rules which will mean that these will also be 99% accurate for planning purposes.

    I will also provide information as to how you calculate expected prices for all other players not included in these lists (ie those potential breakouts who didn’t get to 90 this year) so that you can calculate them yourselves.

    Happy planning SCTers!


    1. Docherty looks so good but there is no way they will give him a full discount.

      Wigg and Setterfield will be first picked rookies. Preuss will be a bargain R2 if at a new club with No1 duties – much like Witts was last year.

      Very excited for Williams after being in my opening team this year.


      1. i can’t believe it either but Liberatore averaged 110.4 in 2014, missed 2015 entirely (where he was priced at $593,200) and was subsequently priced at only $357,300 at the start of 2016. He was up to $494,800 by the time his bye came around. There really are NO EXCEPTIONS I can find over the last ten years.

        Williams is running so HOT in the NEAFL, he is a shoe-in too!

        Agree on Wigg, Setterfield and Preuss. Am hoping Constable, Partington and Tom North are selected Rd1 too!


    1. All good CT. It’s the least I can do given how much help I’ve received on here over the course of the year/season.


  10. Awesome stuff Sainter. I now have hope of some purpose in my life after today !!! So looking forward to seeing the formula. Has it been tested in previous seasons ?
    Will Docherty really be at $440k ?

    Loved reading your comments during the year. I only found this site this year……can we limit membership !!!

    All the best.


    1. they’re the only players who didn’t play this year who I see as SC relevant for next year. All the other base-price rookies who didn;t play this year, will be basement price again next year, so no point in listing them. I left a couple of other players out as I don’t see them as being SC relevant or they have retired!

      * see response to Hutta’s comment above regarding the research on players who miss entire seasons. There are no exceptions over the last ten years.


  11. 2741/Macrae/season all done

    Pretty pleased I might push inside the top 1200-1000 overall for my highest ever finish.



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