15 thoughts on “Progress Scores Rd22”

  1. 1588/16/Fyfe
    Saved my worst 2 weeks of captain selections for the finals. This is not going to be a great weekend


  2. I’m torn……1626/8/gawn. That score is if I take gawn v. Oppt is 1859 with Grundy c. I have Yeo, Williams, and Lipinski as pods today. Do I roll the dice with putting c on any of Macrae, Bont, Dunks ? Reckon one gets DeBoer but which one ?
    Big shout out to Goldy in his second game for me after trading Rob…..wish I had v on him.


    1. If my life depended on it I’d go Bont…do you have him ? If he gets the tag, he goes to the goal square one out for the centre bounces with all other fwds up on the 50.


      1. Hey Wighty. Sadly i don’t have Bont: my opponent has both macrae and bont, so my unique is dunks so thinking i go dunks so i dont have to share the macrae points with him


  3. Not going well at all. But most other seem to be struggling too!

    Have some very close match-ups:

    v Catta, am +28
    Me: Hurn, Williams and Greene
    Catta: Houli, Bont and Whitfield
    Likely to lose this one on current form you’d think

    v Sean’s Mob@SCT (in 3 different Leagues!!), am -41
    I have Greene. He has Worpel. Fu3ked unless Greene goes mental AND Worpel has a shocker. You never know

    v Ticca’s Titans, am +94 but
    I only have Greene. He has Bont and Whitfield.
    Again, not looking good based on averages/form.

    v Boban, -24
    Hurn and Greene v his Yeo
    SHOULD win this one but you never know!

    v Bearded Burbler, +125
    Hurn and Dunkley v Whitfield, Bont and Worpel
    gonna be very close

    v LeapingLizards@SCT, +72
    Hurn, Williams and Greene v Houli, Bont and Whitfield
    Again, close.

    Summary: Obviously I need Hurn and Greene to go well. Bont, Houli and Whitfield not so.

    Have one trade left but am saving it for next week and my overall rank to cover injuries etc. will win my non-SCT cash League, so win or lose the above … pride possibly dented, but it’s been a pretty good year all the same.

    Good luck all.


  4. 1635/15/ Fyfe (ffs)

    Not terrible but in hindsight not using Gawn as VC was pretty stupid risking on Fyfe who is only going to get 20 more points at best.

    Hoping to get around 2400 & hold in the overall ranks


  5. 1766/16/Fyfe

    Bungled my captaincy selection for the first time in a while. Will just need solid efforts from Hurn, Houli, Whitfield, Macrae, Dunkley and Sicily to get my effort to crack the Top 2k back on track.


  6. 1489/13/Danger
    Crouch boys a let down.Going Bewley to Hanners instead of Goldy to Gawn has proved wise.Pendles is confusing,89 in sc yet 137 in dt and Blighty gave him BOG!
    Houli,Whitfield,Williams,Sicily,Gaff,Bont,Macrae,Toby and Dunks to come.Some GFs beckon I hope.
    So much thanks to this site as I took over from my late dad Pop this year and SCT has helped me not only understand SC better but also what all the fuss was about!
    Good luck to all,especially Freo Tragic.


  7. 2092/18/danger

    Vs. Ubermensch in Superflogs 2 league.

    Shaping to be my best round of the year. Goldy has been big second half of the year and Marshall was a great POD pickup. Best of the year imo



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