Progress Scores -Rd7

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 6 2017

It’s been a tough week for tipping winners…… about Supercoach?ย  Is it treating you any better?

You know the routine…… Score / No. Of players already played / Capt.


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33 thoughts on “Progress Scores -Rd7”

  1. My projected score keeps getting lower and lower after each match. I think we’re in for another one of THOSE rounds….


  2. You know it’s another one of those rounds when there is only 3 progress scores, all after the 1st match.


    Fyfe, Sandilands, Franklin, T.Mitchell to come. Would be nice to crack 2,100 but going by other scores this last fortnight I will be lucky to crack 1900…


  3. 1680/18/Bont

    Tough round. Had to play all Houston, Parsons and Butler in my forward line which is far from ideal.

    Looking forward to dumping Hampton, Houston, Butler and WHE in the coming weeks!


  4. 1388/17/Oliver

    Another tough round, hoping Oliver can produce tomorrow. Jones, Mitchel, Sandilands and Fyfe also still to go. Might scrape 2000


    1. I’m backing Barrett to beat SPP’s 60 but I think you probably gotta take 66 given they are up against the once mighty Swans at the SCG. Unless….you are trying to pull a Hail Mary for a league win….


  5. 1772 / 19 / Bont
    T. Mitchell, Fyfe & Sandilands to come
    Backed Hampton to score more than Marchbank which was -61 point decision. Didn’t know Marchbank had the tonne in him!
    As a tigers fan I was reluctant to put the C on Bont but he pulled through


  6. Another bad week, will be lucky to get 2,000! I am used to getting scores over 2,200

    So far 1,313. 16/22

    Projected 1973

    Vc is pendles who bombed (just traded him in)

    Let down by so many players, going tMitch for captain to roll the dice and get more points

    All my hopes rest in fyfe, sandilands, j Kennedy (Syd) , Franklin, Barret, and Mitch as Captain

    Still 7 100s , 1 90s… Not bad, I had Parsons/otten/hampton/Butler on field

    Whe is on the chopping block, so is otten. Marchbank can stay another week


  7. Ok guys I am desperate for a win I have to trade beams for any chance I am 1 win and 3 losses! I have 540,00. So should I.

    Thumbs up beams – Oliver

    Thumbs down beams – Heppell
    Or hold trade and lose again? Or go for a fallen gun like hanners which I don’t like.
    Please help!!


    1. Oliver has been a revelation and is a worthy choice but can he maintain form?

      Hanners is a fallen premium who has proved he can maintain a high standard for an entire season.

      If you can let this week slide you can target a big fish next week such as JPK or Pendles.

      Tough choice. Personally I would wait for next week but if I had to choose today I would go Hanners.


    2. Can you dpp swing a forward into mids for Beams and then bring in Buddy? Should go large this week and may become a top6 forward?

      The problem with making decisions like this on sunday is most dpp options are locked.


  8. 1416/15/Dangerfield
    Looking like a good chance to notch a win in most leagues.
    The real interest in this household is with my son’s multi. He has a $10 4 leg multi bonus bet going which means can’t cash out.
    He has so far tipped Stk, North & Carl and just needs Freo to win and he will get a pay out of $1600 plus.
    T/u FURL will sabotage my sons multi
    T/d FURL will do the right thing and get the win.


  9. 1550 from 17 / Bont C

    Last week it was my premos who let me down. Well this week its the rookies (and bloody treloar. Think ive come to except he was a dud pick). Gotta love bringing in parsons but having to field him to cover nank. Is there a delete team button anywhere ????


  10. 1471/17/Bont

    5 premos to come so should hopefully crack 2k. Howe Treloar and Parsons the major let downs.


  11. Ok lads, I’m 323 behind in my league match.
    I have S.Martin, Buddy, J.Kennedy and Balic vs Barrett.

    T/U it can be done
    T/D no chance


  12. 1572/16/bont

    Still have franklin, zjones, jpk,titch, fyfe and sandi to play. Only let down really has been parsons but at least its 19 points more then a spud. Pretty hapy so far considering i had whe, parsons, tarranto, ottens and hampton on field.


  13. 1601 / 17 / The Bont

    Last weeks luck seems to have been fickle.

    T Mitchell

    are the five left to go. Really hoping we don’t somehow miss 2000, best case is probably 2100 and I don’t expect that.


  14. DashingDonkeys round 7 (unscaled)

    1998/ Neale/ Was 5K

    Very few standouts. Except for Witts,and Rough,

    Captain Neale really saved me.

    Been up for a few weeks , so a bit of back down to earth!

    $350K to spend on upgrades over the next few weeks.

    Just happy Freo got up!



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