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Written by Motts on June 24 2014

The Death Adder got onto me today about our group bets and fair enough too – its time to get them on. We’ve got $74.80 to have a crack with.

Lets split it roughly 50/50 and put $34.80 on the World Cup and $40 on AFL Futures.

Now I’m no expert on matters of the round ball but I know that Mutley, Yiorgakis and Schwarzwalder all know their way around a football pitch and there’d be others in the comp that are pretty handy as well. So the two markets we’ll get on are:

  • Overall Winner, and
  • Top Goalscorer.

Here’s the top chances for Overall Winner:

  • Brazil 4.00
  • Germany 5.00
  • Argentina 5.50
  • France 9.00
  • Holland 9.00
  • Belgium 19.00
  • Chile 23.00

And here’s the top chances for Top Tournament Goalscorer:

  • Neymar (Brazil) 3.60
  • Karim Benzema (France) 5.50
  • Thomas Muller (Germany) 6.00
  • Lionel Messi (Argentina) 6.50
  • Robin Van Persie (Holland) 9.00
  • Arjen Robben (Holland) 15.00
  • Luis Suarez (Uruguay) 19.00

In terms of an AFL bet, GAJ is $1.60 for Chas right now so lets look at a market for the Brownlow minus Ablett. Here’s the front runners in it:

  • Scott Pendlebury [COL] 3.50
  • Josh Kennedy [SYD] 5.00
  • Nathan Fyfe [FRE] 5.50
  • Joel Selwood [GEE] 9.00
  • Steve Johnson [GEE] 11.00
  • Aaron Sandilands [FRE] 12.00
  • Nathan Jones [MEL] 14.00
  • Brent Harvey [NTH] 14.00
  • Travis Boak [PTA] 14.00
  • Dayne Beams [COL] 17.00
  • Patrick Dangerfield [ADE] 17.00
  • Matthew Priddis [WCE] 21.00
  • Callan Ward [GWS] 34.00

The other one that’s quite open is the Coleman. Here’s the best hopes with their current tallies in brackets after their odds:

  • Jay Schulz [PTA] 4.50 (43)
  • Lance Franklin [SYD] 5.00 (35)
  • Tom Hawkins [GEE] 6.50 (38)
  • Jarryd Roughead [HAW] 7.00 (36)
  • Jack Riewoldt [RIC] 9.00 (37)
  • Josh Kennedy [WCE] 12.00 (33)
  • Travis Cloke [COL] 15.00 (28)
  • Jack Gunston [HAW] 17.00 (30)

So here’s what I want from everyone in PC4: 4 selections that cover each of those markets above and it’ll be a majority rules type thing. If there’s no majority then I’ll look at putting a couple of reduced stake bets on.

Get to it!


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28 thoughts on “Punters Club 4 – Group Bets”

  1. I’d like to get these bets on at the latest by 5pm tomorrow so you’ve got until then to give me your tips. I’m going with:



  2. Looked at the groups I reckon France at $9 and benzema at $5.50
    In the brownlow I reckon Kennedy and as much as I want to say tomahawk I think buddy franklin will get the Coleman


  3. Just looking at the odds and Ablett $1.72 for brownlow and Swans $3.75 for flag, so just put a bet on it at $6.45.


  4. Don’t know anything about soccer so i’ll go Pendles runner up in brownlow and Buddy for the Coleman medal.


  5. At the moment we don’t have a clear pick for the WC Winner.

    Neymar, Pendles and Shulz all dominating their respective categories.


  6. If Netherlands go all the way, you can lock that Van Persie will be one of the top three goal scorers, so that’s where I see the value.

    My thoughts:
    Van Persie


  7. Based on the popular vote, here’s the group bets for PC4:

    WC Winner: $5 on Brazil ($4), $5 on Germany ($5.25), $5 on the Netherlands ($7)
    WC Most Goals: $20 on Neymar ($3)
    Brownlow Without Ablett – $20 on Pendles ($3.50)
    Coleman – $20 on Schulz ($4.50)

    For those that love a roughie (Deano) I apologise for you not getting any of your selections in these bets. Its the same old story: you can’t please everybody.



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