Punters Club 13 – The Wrap Up

Written by Motts on April 18 2018

PC13 has just come to an end and it was a so-so season for us. We started with a bank of $1,273 and finished with $1,201.

Our most successful punter was Pogue Mahone who snaffled $210 for us after I erroneously  threw two of his multis together into one big one that paid very nicely. Other notable collectors were Andy B ($188), Deano ($159) and Bonsai ($152). Well done lads!

At the other end of the scale we had 11 punters who walked back to the pavilion scoreless. No doubt they’ll all be looking to make amends in PC14.

If you’d like to get involved, the buy-in is $54.61. Exactly the same amount as the cash out if conversely you’re already in and you’ve had enough.

Email me (motts at supercoachtalk dot com) if you want in and I’ll send you my bank details for the transfer. You’ll need to do this by the end of the day tomorrow.

We’ve got 19 in the club now – it’d be great to get it up over 20!



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