Punters Club 15 – The Wrap Up

Written by Motts on December 16 2018

PC15 is now finished and we’ve dropped back slightly from our starting position of $1,380 to finish with $1,299.

Our most successful punters this time around were:

  1. Haysie ($120.88)
  2. Thommo ($120.30)
  3. Yiorgakis ($119.30), and
  4. The Death Adder ($102.10)

It should also be mentioned that TDA donated $60 to the club then took the input of everyone to form the Melbourne Cup trifecta which jagged us a further $127.10. Fantastic stuff.

At the other end of the spectrum, we had 9 punters who failed to win us a cent. That number seems to be down on previous PC’s though so maybe we’re all getting better at this.

So if you’re looking to cash out or join, the magic number is $56.50. We’ve got 23 punters on board at the moment. It’d be great to get that up to 30. Email me: Motts at supercoachtalk dot com if you want either in or out.

May all your roughies come home.



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