Punters Club 6 Wrap Up

Written by Motts on July 13 2015

Aside from a couple of outstanding bets on the EPL and British Open we’re done and dusted with PC6 and I’m happy to say its been our most successful iteration to date (in no small part due to the heroics of Deano and the generosity of our good friends at William Hill).

We started with $714 amongst 22 of us. We’ve finished with a whopping $1,213 (plus those aforementioned bets).

Of that total amount, Deano (roughie picking champion that he is) brought in $741. I want everyone to stand up and applaud because that’s the most money ever returned by one punter.

That means that as of today, everyone has close enough to $55 invested in the club.

Before we kick off PC7, I’ll wait to see if the British Open bet comes in. Henrik Stenson has come in from 26’s to 23’s so other people are jumping on him as well which is a great sign.

Taking the week off will also give me time to try and find a new sponsor for the club because William Hill have unfortunately decided not to renew their arrangement with us. If anyone has any contacts that might be interested, please let me know and I’ll follow it up. On offer is the chance to promote your company in our weekly PC posts and if they are a betting agency, we’d put all our bets through them.

If you’re interested in joining the SCT Punters Club, send me an email via the About Us link at the top of the page and I’ll make sure you’re contacted prior to PC7 kicking off with the amount you need to send me to be part of it.

Well done punters! Looking forward to the next go-round.




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11 thoughts on “Punters Club 6 Wrap Up”

  1. Well done Deano winning more than the other 21 punters combined and frightening off in the process William Hill wanting to sponsor the PC Club anymore maiinly on the back of your efforts.
    That’s huge mate!

    Thanks again Motts for your great efforts running the club.

    Motts even before PC7 kicks off I would like to put my hand up to bet my stake on the Brownlow. As a former winner of the SCT Brownlow comp I would like to think I know a thing or two about it. So I think I should be able to put a winning multi together on most votes by a player for some of the clubs.


  2. Thanks Motts.

    I won’t put the bets on until Sunday night before the Brownlow or Monday morning as I use my own knowledge , and follow the markets closely from when they open up until Brownlow Eve.


  3. Hey, that’s $5 up…. Whooo Hoooo…. Not hitting the ‘Cash Out’ button for $5 though.

    Well done Deano…. Made up for my appalling result!



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