Punters Club – Andy B

Written by Motts on April 27 2018

Multi #1

Ess v Melb < 185

Swans to beat Cats

$15 @ 5.51

Multi #2

Either team <15.5

Pies v Richmond

Ess v Melb

Freo v WC

$15 @ 19.30

Multi #3

Either team <15.5

Hawks v St Kilda

North v Port

Cats v Sydney

$15 @ 22.57

Multi #4

Team to Lead every Quarter




$15 @ 4.47

And Haysie’s back after a scintillating first up effort. He’s on:

Hawkesbury R6 #4 White Moss TT+ WIN into Caul R8#17 Eclair Calling PLACE TT+ $30

Same horses, just swap the win and place around $30

Same horses both WIN TT+ $10

AFL Multi

Geel 1.43

Melb 1.88

Freo 2.20

$50 @ $5.91

Good luck to us all!!


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18 thoughts on “Punters Club – Andy B”

        1. Cheers Mutley.
          Got first leg of Multi # 4 over the line. Hopefully Haysie. & myself have a bit of luck on these.
          Hope you are well & enjoying your Melbournesq weather in the UK with snowing either side of 23 deg C heatwaves within a couple of weeks!


  1. Good Luck Fella’s!

    On a couple of Andy B’s Multi’s just did not get as good odds.

    Like the way Haysie is attacking his horse Multi’s on 3 fronts so might have a crack there as well.


  2. Alright i have used one of my contacts to get an insight about the confident levels on Eclair Calling. Word back was Massive Chance and also confident about Prima in the last which gives a clear indication who that mail is from.


    1. White Moss, very disappointing. Had the perfect run, found nothing at the end. Reckon the Bomber coloured silks slowed her down!!


  3. Collect of $67.05 for Multi # 4 with Dogs, GWS & Crows leading at every quarter as hoped for.
    Leg 1 of 2 (Swans to beat Cats) from Multi # 1 is good & now we need Ess v Dees to score less than 185.
    Multi # 3 is dead, but hopefully all 3 legs of Multi # 2 come off as you’d think they’d all be close games


    1. Multi #1 just got over the line with Ess v Melb 180 points. Gives $82.50 for that one & $67.05 from Multi #4 meaning $ 149.55 overall.


  4. $149.80 actually, AB. Well done buddy! You’ll be back next week with $30 to punt with. We’ll bank $119.80.

    Unfortunately Haysie couldn’t repeat his first up form but we thank him for an outstanding effort last week.

    Up next week is TDA.



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