Punters Club – Burls

Written by Motts on March 28 2015

With no meaningful soccer on this week, Mutts has passed the baton to Burls. 

Burls has gone to Sydney with his first bet:

Syd r2 #7 frespanol to win, into 

sr3 #3 bull point to place, into 

sr4 #4 Peggy Jean to place  

$30 @ div

For his second bet, the Wiiliam Hill Bonus Bet, he’s going a multi:

Super rugby Crusaders to beat the Lions, into sr6 #1 First Seal to win, into sr2 #7 frespanol to win, into Aust to win the cricket. 

$40 @ dividend

Deano meanwhile has $65 left over from last week. He’s picked out 3 winners from smaller races across the nation. Check them out:

Kalgoorlie R2 #3 $25 WIN @ BT + 5%

Doomben R5 #3 Punta Norte $20 WIN @ BT + 5% (paying $15 fixed this morning)

Alice Springs R6 Tri 2/1,3,5/FD $20 buys 60.61%


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14 thoughts on “Punters Club – Burls”

  1. Must admit, I’ve been away from the horses off late with the cricket world cup and SC team high on my agenda, so have absolutely no idea!

    Good luck guys and bring home the bacon! Hope you can carry on your form from last week Deano.


  2. Yeah big pay out. You stitched me up Deano and have had the last laugh after I cracked that joke before PC6 asking if we could trade out punters and Deano comes to mind. I did clarify and say you would have a day sooner or later. The former happened and in the words of EJ Whitten stuck it up me. Lol. Good stuff.



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