Punters Club – Deano

Written by Motts on January 19 2018

Ascot (Sat)

R5#4 Hobart Jones 5w

R4#6 Twentythreered 5w

Flemington (Sat)

R6#16 Sabotage 10w

R7#7 Roddandtodd 5w

R8#4 Saracini 10w

Canterbury (Fri)

R8#3 More Moรซt 10w

Toowoomba (Fri)

R4#5 Little John 10w (got up at 17.20!!)


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9 thoughts on “Punters Club – Deano”

  1. Unfortunately none of Deano’s other selections could replicate the winning form of Little John so we’ll walk away with “only” $172 this weekend. Well done, buddy!

    We’ll bank $110 and give Deano $62 to play with this week.

    Joining him will be sodes. Good luck, boys!



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