Punters Club – Bob

Written by Motts on November 13 2019

Bendigo Wednesday

R2 #4 Jive Dancin $20 W/$25 P @ tote

Deano’s also back for us after cleaning up on Oceanex on Saturday. Here’s what he likes.

Bendigo Wednesday

R4 #10 $10w @ tote
R5 #3 $20w @ tote
R7 #15 $10w @ tote
R8 #2 $10w @ tote

Bunbury Wednesday

R1 #7 10w @ 21

Ascot Thursday

R2 #7 $20 W @ 7

Futures: Kingston Town Classic 

Bogart $5 EW @ 101/26

Good luck to us all!


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25 thoughts on “Punters Club – Bob”

  1. From Lindsay Smith on Twitter:
    Two runners at Bunbury races today. Race 1 Savaquin- Staying type who has been working well. Runs into a couple of smart ones but should be hitting the line well.
    Savaquin into 11’s.


  2. Brilliant Deano with Mumbles getting home at $3.30 Tote odds.

    I have got all of your other bets covered now but fell into Tote odds on Savquin now into $8.50 Fixed and I could have got $18.00 that was on offer this morning. I did pass on Riverwood Girl and luckily missed Bob’s Roughie.


  3. Bendigo R5 #3 Mumbles gets up! It was Deano’s biggest bet of the day and it paid around 3.30. HOWEVER, Mottsy also PP’d it to the tune of 115% so watch this space for our winnings. #welldoneMottsy


  4. Bang again Deano with the well backed Savaquin getting up by a nose on the inside. Only $8.70 on the Tote though and was backed from $18.00 Fixed into $6.50.


      1. Nice move Deano 😉
        I had a little look too.
        At all of them bar one that I didn’t like.
        Up for the day so I’m happy.
        Keep going I reckon


  5. $285.90 collect for Deano today, great bloody job mate! We’ll bank $195.90 of that and give you $90 for your next outing. As mentioned above, you’ll be joined by Stacky.


    1. Hey mate, how’s your FPL season going? I’m having a very mixed start – forgot about the Fri deadline last week after wildcarding on my team which has got me out to about 275000. My “wife’s” team is going better though in the top 50k with WC intact.


  6. Ahhhh, team success! Everyone should try it as there’s no better way to feel the intrinsic human achievement chemicals such as Dopamine and Serotonin combined with the social mateship empathy – even on a site such as this.



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