Punters Club – Deano

Written by Motts on November 20 2019

Sandown R8 #13 Approach Discrete WIN $15 @ 8.5
Boxed Exacta Rosehill R3 #6/7 Bacchus and Nombusco $5 buys 250%
Ascot R3 #7 Semigel WIN $10 @ 9
Ascot R5 #3 Leading Man $10 @ 8

Good luck to us all!


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7 thoughts on “Punters Club – Deano”

  1. Deano’s run comes to an end with a nil return today. Fantastic job over the last 2 weeks mate. Thanks for the entertainment.


  2. Hey Mottsy

    Deano is still not dead in the water as he has a good futures bet in the Railway Stakes $5 @$51.00 that is starting and now into $12.00.

    It is #5 Reykjavik.


  3. Sorry lads, was good while it lasted. TDA – I think you’ve got a challenge again for all time PC winnings?
    Couple of prepost big price chances in the next two weeks at Ascot to see me off.
    Best of luck to all of our upcoming punters and I hope a few of you got on one of my winners.


  4. Another great winning streak Deano!

    I think Yiorgi would be the #1 man for all time Winnings for the club as he has had some great runs which includes winning over 1k in one of them.
    Yourself a solid #2 , and Mr.Reliable/Consistent Sodes #3.

    If I am lucky I might sneak into the Top #5 if we include times Mottsy has put forward the PC’s Group Money for me to bet on the Brownlow and Cup Trifecta with a few collects there.

    Yep Deano you proved me wrong along time ago about your punting prowess after a rocky start.

    I gave you a rev up and you then went on to really make me look silly with a 5-6 week winning streak banking over $800 for the PC in what was a desperate time for the club.

    Good on you mate and , Good Luck with your remaining 2 futures bets so, hopefully, we see you back this time round for the PC.



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