Punters Club – Duck

Written by Motts on January 31 2015

His bets are a little late but they’re here. Check ’em out:

Aus Open – Women’s Final
Serena the win
$15 @ 1.44

Aus Open – Men’s Final DJoker the win
$15 @ 1.42

EPL Multi
Liverpool – Man U – Chelsea – Arsenal
$20 @ 6.51

Good luck, mate!


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3 thoughts on “Punters Club – Duck”

  1. Good luck Duck with your tennis bets and your soccer multi!!

    You definetly like the odds on pops but it all adds up when you get them and any collect will be good with how we have gone in PC5.
    I think Serena will come in and Djokovic is a good chance but it will be tough match.


  2. Unlucky with the EPL Multi Duck, but well done with the first tennis bet.
    Chelsea missed Fabregas and Costa.

    On a side note, if anyone likes in-play betting on the soccer i’ve been following this guy for a couple of months now, and he’s pretty good.


    His inplay bets, if you back them all at the same stake, normally end up in profit most days.



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