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Written by Motts on April 4 2015

Mutley’s taking us all to Europe this week with his William Hill Bonus Bets. Check out the odds on these two bad boys:

Southampton to win away at Everton (English premier league)
West Ham to win away at Leicester (English premier league)
Sampdoria to win away at Fiorentina (Italy serie A)
Tottenham to win away at Burnley (English Premier League)

$20 @ 85.03

Leverkusen  (German Bundesliga)
Wolfsburg (German Bundesliga)
Bayern Munich (German Bundesliga)
Athletico Madrid (Spanish Primera)
Lazio (Italy Serie A)

$20 @ 9.35

You’re going to have to be a night owl to watch Mutley’s cash bets live:

Kempton UK Race 3 Lady Dutch
Haydock UK Race 4 Virak
Haydock UK Race 6 Hello George
Newton-Abbott Race 4 Ulck du Lin

$2 Lucky 15

Meanwhile Deano‘s up to his third week and is taking us to the horse track. 

R3 #5 to WIN into
R4 #2 to WIN into
R7 #1

$13 @ dividend

Randwick (Monday) 
R9 #16 Arabian Gold to WIN

$10 @ dividend

Kembla Grange 
R3 #7 to PLACE into
R6 #3 to PLACE

$10 @ dividend 

R2 #2 to WIN into 
R6 #14

$25 @ dividend

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61 thoughts on “Punters Club – Mutley”

  1. Good luck Deano, lets smash it.

    I’ll be putting my other $30 on the horses too, but just for you, some of them will probably be over the sticks ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Can only agree on the Bundesliga tips. Don’t know if that’s good or bad considering my poor form there recently ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Here’s hoping you two have a big weekend, good luck!!


  3. Deano’s taking us again on his exciting adventure around the tracks and Mutley’s, well…there’s only ONE Mutley amongst us!

    Deano – hoping you can find us another gem in those lots.
    Mutley – sounds like you’re celebrating big tonight, hope your multis are feeling the same spirit and salute accordingly.

    All the very best boys, I’m having a lot of fun cheering home our PC selections!


  4. I’ve got a multi for the weekend
    Tigers 1-39
    Lions 1-39
    Hawks 1-39
    Bombers vrs swans either side under 15.5
    Paying $85.00


  5. Deano’s words after I texted him: “Like taking wheat off a blind chook mate!”.

    Official winnings: $269.50.

    Deano single-handedly dragging the Punters Club back to profitability.


  6. And it stayed 0-1……. another collect for the Punters Club! PC6 is going right off!! Well done guys!!


  7. Mutley returns $186.93 with his second bonus bet and $32.83 with his Lucky 15 cash bet making a total of $220. Great job!! We’ll bank $160 of that giving you $60 to play with again next week.

    Deano will also be up again next week after winning us $270. We’ll bank $210 of that to also give him $60 to come back again with. Keep in mind, Deano still has a $10 Doncaster Mile bet on Arabian Gold to win to come tomorrow too.


  8. Pogue Mahone is also up next week as our regular punter. Boy has he got his work cut out for him ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll provide an update on our total winnings for the year so far later today – I’m pretty sure we’re already ahead of where we started and we’re not even half way through this time (the William Hill bonus bet cash injection has definitely helped!). I’ll also throw some options up for our Group Bets.


  9. What can I say guys but a superb effort by you two boys overnight, better than I can say for my SC team which is currently in intensive care!

    Get around Deano as he prepare himself for an unprecedented fourth week.


  10. OK here’s the numbers:

    In PC6 we started with $615. We had Matteo, Davo and Pogue Mahone join us paying $33 each to make our grand total $714. Each punter receives $30 a week to bet with leaving $54 over for Group Bets (I’ll come back to these).

    So far we’ve had 7 punters at bat. Burls, Hooter and Schwarzwalder failed to return anything (I’m ashamed to say 2 of those blokes are good mates of mine) while Walkabout returned $34.40 and Matteo gave back $19.80. Last night Mutley gave himself another crack at it depositing $160 into the kitty.

    But by far the absolute standout performer so far this year has been Deano who put $100 in on his first week, $200 in on his second and yesterday increased his deposits again with $210.

    His $510 is 70% of our total winnings ($724.20) so far. And he’s not done yet! For the second time in its existence the Punters Club is going to make a profit this time around. Happy days!

    OK now onto our Group Bets. As mentioned earlier we need to find an event or events to put $54 on. TDA has suggested the Brownlow and Coleman but I’m not keen on punting on any events that take us beyond the timeframe of PC6. Reason being that we’ll have new punters join for PC7 and they won’t be entitled to share in any of the huge winnings we make and the accounting just gets too hard. Are you with me?

    We’ve got 15 weeks of PC6 left. Here’s some options:

    The Masters
    The NBA Champion
    The French Open winner
    The Wimbledon winner
    The IPL winner
    The Eurovision winner

    My votes would be the first 2. What does everyone else think? I’ll take submissions up until the end of the day today and then make a decision.


  11. Morning All,

    After staying up all night Friday night, last night i had to get an early night, so i could get up again at 3am.

    Great to see we’ve got a result again, we’re in profit for the round and we still have a good few of us to go.

    Motts, re the group bet, you mentioned Lefty yesterday for the Masters, i’d run with that if no-one has anything else???



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