Punters Club – Pogue Mahone

Written by Motts on October 19 2016

I thought Pogue was taking us all to Geelong for the Cup when he mentioned he would get something to me for Wednesday. How wrong I was!

Toss aside those suits and summer dresses and don your best flannies, punters, we’re heading to Launceston!


Race 2, Gee Gee Spitfire (5) Win $50 @ 3.60

Race 7, Must Be Love (8) $25 EW @ 11/3.10

With his Group Bet, sodes has us off to Money Valley.

Race2 no 10 O’Malley $50 @ 3.60

Good luck to us all!


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8 thoughts on “Punters Club – Pogue Mahone”

  1. Must Be Love finishes stone, cold, motherless. And with that we bid a fond farewell to Pogue Mahone. Thanks for all your marvelous efforts over the last few weeks buddy.


  2. sodes once again came through for the club picking up $180 on O’Malley and then dropping $50 of that on I’m A Star. So he turned our $50 Group Bet kitty into $130. That is pretty darned good in my books.

    So that brings us to the end of PC9. Here are the stats:
    Our final kitty stands at $1,829.50 down from our initial bank of $2,458.25.
    Our biggest winner was Pogue Mahone who banked almost $522 – bravo!
    12 punters (54%) failed to return anything from their $115 worth of bets.

    After being in the Punters Club from the very beginning and never returning a single dollar, Burls has finally decided to pack it in. He’s cashed out leaving the club with an initial bank for PC10 of $1,746.50. That means everyone gets $80 to punt with this time around and we’ll have $66.50 in Group Bets to stuff around with over Cup week.

    If anyone wants to join the club you’ve got until Friday this week to let me know. Email me: motts at supercoachtalk dot com

    With the best day on the racing calendar coming up this Saturday I’m going to nominate a couple of punters to have a crack to ensure we’re all over the action this week. Deano and Davo will be kicking PC10 off. Good luck fellas!



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