Punters Club – Pogue Mahone

Written by Motts on September 22 2017

Dangerfield first goal $10 @ 10

Townsend first goal $10 @ 16

Geelong 1-39 into Richmond 1-39 $30 @ 6.72


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7 thoughts on “Punters Club – Pogue Mahone”

        1. I’m still upset I couldn’t see them a few years ago (also, I had it in my head that Shane McGowan had drunk himself to death). If you haven’t read “Here Comes Everybody”, it’s worth a look if your a fan. I’m 99.9% sure it’s the only book I’ll ever read that was written by a accordion player.


  1. Saw them at festival hall 2012 and somewhere in st kilda ? in 1989. MacGowan has nearly drunk himself to death. Back to the footy , go tigers.



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