Punters Club – sodes

Written by Motts on July 6 2018

sodes already has us away and flying this week after plonking a blue swimmer on Buddy to snaffle the first snag last night. That’s a $75 collect right there!

His other bets are on the nags tomorrow and it appears as though he’s drawn his inspiration from an old UBD:

Flem race 9 no 1 Hellova Street $10 ew @ 5.50/2.15

Randwick race 5 no 1 Plymouth Road $30 win @ 3.50 (PP’d)

Good luck to us all!


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5 thoughts on “Punters Club – sodes”

  1. $75 was where it started and stopped for sodes but it was a great effort and we thank him for it. As TDA said, youโ€™re Mr Reliable, mate.

    Up this week is Matteo.


    1. Apologies all, Hellova St jagged a place and returned $19.13 after a couple of scratchings. So sodes’ total collect was $94.13! Boom!



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