Punters Club – Stacky

Written by Motts on May 10 2019

System 2 x 3

  • Doomben Race 5 – Dealmaker
  • Caulfield Race 7 – Propelle
  • Ascot Race 6 – Special Reward

$65 cost for potential collect of $295.31.

Good luck to us all!

(For anyone thinking about multi’ing the same bet, the odds were ~9.50/1)


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6 thoughts on “Punters Club – Stacky”

  1. He came in confident AF but walks away with his tail between his legs after, as Kid81 put it, winning a technical tri – Dealmaker finished 3rd, Propelle 2nd and Special Reward 3rd. Unfortunately the bookies will pay us nothing for it so its a nil return for the Stackomeister. Kid81, why don’t you have a crack for us this week mate.



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