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Written by Motts on January 7 2016

The Death Adder kicks off PC8 for us this evening with the first leg of a Big Bash League double. The majority of his purse will be thrown at the Magic Millions on Saturday afternoon though.

Here’s what he likes in the BBL:

BBL Multi 1

  • Perth Scorchers to beat the Sydney Thunder into
  • Adelaide Strikers to beat the Brisbane Heat

$15 @ 2.97

BBL Multi 2

  • Adelaide Strikers to beat the Brisbane Heat into
  • Melbourne Stars to beat the Melbourne Renegades

$15 @ 2.92

At the Gold Coast, TDA is throwing down 4 bets:

Bet 1

Race 4 Duet 9 & 16 

$10 @ div

Bet 2

Running Double: Race 6 1&5 into Race 7 Number 16.

$5 @ div

Bet 3

Flexi Trifecta in Race 8

1st Number 1 Capitalist / 3 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 10 , 11 ,14 for 2nd / and 3 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 13 , 14 for 3rd. 

$20 buys 35.71%

Bet 4

Flexi Trifecta in Race 8

1st Numbers 3 , 5 ,6 , 7 , 10 , 11 , 14 /  Number 1 Capitalist for 2nd / 3 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 13 , 14 for 3rd.

$15 buys 26.79%

Good luck to us all!


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40 thoughts on “Punters Club – TDA”

  1. Only if it was that easy to bank bets on form Bonsai!
    You are right about current form that’s why I have gone with them.

    When Hussey was out with a hammie strain that swung me towards the Scorchers.

    Tonight Lynn is the danger as it only takes one player to win a game of 20/20.

    Not so confident on the Stars who will be missing Maxwell , Boland and Faulkner to the Aussie one day team.

    The Renegades lose Finch and Wade but regain Pattinson.

    With the Magic Million bets the 4th bet is probably the one we want to get up the most for value.


  2. Motts hope you did but sounds like you might have had something on that duet for yourself when you put it on at the TAB with WH not taking duet bets.

    It’s always fun when you get in front and are punting with the Bookies / TABs money.


  3. At least we turned a profit with those trifecta bets. It happens when riding for luck with a bet like that hoping for roughies to come 2nd & 3rd or an upset.

    Not complaining any day you end up in front is a good day , but did have 3 horses in the 2nd leg of that double with Mahuta in. Just could not squeeze it into the budget with the Trifectas so gambled against the 2 with the outside Barriers. Weir is a genius though and from the extreme outside Mahuta could always cross and get up with the leaders.
    Anyway we are in the black and go the Stars.


  4. When your lucks in it is in. Just got Division 5 in Tatts 10 times with 2 System 7s.
    3 numbers & a Supp and 3 numbers & 2 Supps.
    They hadn’t come up for 3 months after coming in 3 weeks in a row winning me about a grand. If I ever win make sure you are in the Punters Club.

    Stars looking good!


  5. My best result for the PC since PC2.

    I am the type of punter when my eye is in and in form I roll with it and if I am going no good I have a spell.

    So Motts I would like keep rolling this weekend. Really like the Aussies in the One Day game as an Anchor. If we bank double the stake as per other PCs or $160.31 that will leave me with $27.50 to have a crack on BBL and One Day multis.

    A bit unprofessional for me to post bets rather than email , but what the heck hope I have earnt it. Will save you posting it.

    Here goes
    1st bet
    $10 on a 2 leg multi
    Perth Scorchers to beat the Hobart Hurricanes tomorrow
    & Australia to beat India in the ODI.

    2nd bet
    $10 on a 2 leg multi
    Sydney Thunder to beat the Melbourne Renegades
    Australia to beat India in the ODI

    3rd bet
    $7.50 a 3 leg multi
    Perth Scorchers to beat the Hobart Hurricanes
    Sydney Thunder to beat the Melbourne Renegades
    Australia to beat India in the ODI

    Have a great day playing Golf fellas and the 19th hole.


  6. Yeah that’s as close as you can get. You defintely earn those ones.

    Watched most of the game but with 4 overs to go had to man the Weber. Score checks were 14 off 5 balls , and then got in for the last ball with Sammy needing a Six. Glad Tye was bowling the last over.

    By the way go you good thing Bonsai you BBL Fantasy legend. That’s huge ranked Number 1 in the world.


  7. Bummer with the Gades running down the Thunders 173. Looked good early.

    Probably pushed luck trying to tip 5 BBL winners in a row. Hopefully , the Aussies get up tomorrow to get bet 1 up to cover the stake for those multis.


  8. That was easy enough. Helped Bailey wasn’t give out 1st ball caught off the glove down legside. Bank that $26.70 Motts taking our starting to $187. I’m done I know it was a win , but still lost 80 cents. We can’t start rewarding punters losing money.


  9. TDA banks $187. Well done!

    Next up is Walkabout who I managed to reconnect with on FB over the weekend.

    I’d also like the punters to have a think about what we do with our $10 group bet this time around. My preference is to put it on an Aus Open tennis first round multi and then roll it into something after that but I’m open to suggestion.


  10. Great Walky has been tracked down by Motts. I reckon we will see two $40 quaddies in Melbourne & Sydney this weekend.
    It would have been good to have backed the Bombers at $6 as our group bet for the wooden spoon before yesterdays announcement at $6. The result wouldnt have been in this PC though.
    I know Old Mate Geoff in the Punters club had a speculative greenback at that price. Bombers now into $1.15.

    If it gets up I will put a pressure on him to donate his stake for that bet and have a punt with it at Spring Carnival time.

    Aussie tennis open 1st round sounds good for group bet though Motts.

    Motts I reckon you just put a $10 money back multi on the Aussie tennis open yourself for us.
    I remember you got one in the 1st Round when you were up for the Punters Club last year.

    Finally glad to get the PC in the black straight away with my bets. Here’s hoping a few other PC punters well and truly out do my winnings.



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