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Written by Motts on November 2 2017

Team Still Needs Work is in the seat this week. He likes:

Flemington – Derby (Race 7)
Ace High $10 WIN @ 6
Oceans Fourteen $10 EW @ 13/4

NBA Saturday

Multi with Rockets, Magic, Suns, Pelicans, Pistons & Pacers all to win.

$20 @ 38.45 (hello!)

Meanwhile, Kid81 is back with us again after a truly inspirational showing last week. His horse bets are exclusively at Headquarters this week. Here’s what he’s plonked his $100 on.
Flem Race 3 number 2 Savanna Amour
       $10 WIN @ 16/1
Race 4 number 7 Cismontane
       $10 WIN @ 7.50
Race 5 quinella 8 Merchant Navy (15/1) & 18 Formality (13/1)
       $8 buys 800% (dear God please let this one come in!)
Race 6 boxed tri – 2, 8, 10 & 16
       $12 buys 50%
Race 7 Number 11 – Really think the extra distance will suit Ocean’s Fourteen. Limited info on such young runners but most of them have a brief history together.
       $20 WIN @ 17/1
Race 7 Boxed Tri 2, 3, 6, 7, 11, 12
Big selection but if 3, 11 or 12 get up, could net us north of $200. I’ll be honest, I don’t rate some of the horses the so called experts are talking about. I think this years derby could pay out some big odds!
       $30 buys 25%
EPL multi
Win – Newcastle
Win – Tottenham
Win – Liverpool
Win – Man City
Draw – Chelsea/Man United
       $10 @ 18.01

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17 thoughts on “Punters Club – TSNW”

  1. Might need a bit of luck this week but hoping at least a couple of these come off! Don’t think i have studied harder since i was in Year 12!


  2. Love your Race 7 E/W bet TSNW 😉
    I hope we can pull off a big return this week buddy!

    I am going to need to print a screenshot and use three phones this weekend at cricket just to keep up with what is going on!


  3. Mottsy’s bets today:
    R1 Levendi
    R2 Bring Me Roses
    R3 Savannah Amour
    R4 Harlem
    R6 Dixie Blossoms
    R7 Tosen Stardom


    All the best, team!


    1. Yeah you were stiff for the day Kid not far off some huge results.

      Kid I have been in contact with Motts and told him i will sponsor you for Cup Day with a $40 stake and Motts will just bank the $75 you won on Cistonmane.

      I would have never put that Duet on so very happy to do it and just a shame you did not go that way , but thanks as your study paid off for me today.


      1. Thank you TDA. I shouldn’t complain. I’ve netted a couple of greenbacks myself today.
        I’m glad it’s helping you, motts and some of yours and his mates out.
        Mate of mine took home 30% of the quaddie thanks to my advice on shillelagh too so I reckon I’m drinking for free at his place on cup day !


  4. We’re coming good at the right time of the year, team! TSNW nets us $60 while The Kid is still hot – Cismontane got herself into the Cup and got us $75. Well done both you fellas!

    Thanks to the very generous TDA, we’ll bank all of that and give The Kid another $40 to go around with on Cup Day.

    Joining him will be Hooter. All the best team!



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