Punters Club – Willy’s Guns

Written by Motts on March 24 2017

Pretty sure the SCT PC has never punted chariots or the dishlickers before!

AFL Multi,

ME – SD – GC – WC – GWS

$10 @ 8.88


Tara Raceway [Dogs Sun arvo]

R5 No7 Big Rough

$10 win @ BT


Naracoorte [Gallopers Sun arvo]

R5 H6 Jimassi

$10 win @ BT


Greenwald Paceway [Trots, Mt Gambier  Sun nite]

R3 H3 Oceans Predator

$10 win @ BT

R4 H4 Big Bruce

$10 win @ BT [will be short]

R5 H5 Live Atom

$10 win @ BT


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8 thoughts on “Punters Club – Willy’s Guns”

  1. Some of the best left field punts since my Darwin trifecta two years ago! Greta to see some real research going in to this bud, good luck!


  2. Mate the Dogs and Trots surprised you did not throw in a steeplechase for good measure. 🙂

    Anyway all the best mate who knows it may pay dividends and we all change.


  3. A multi on those trots with all three legs would have been sensational with them all getting up.

    Can’t check the dish lickers as google is yet to be introduced to Tara Raceway!

    Fair return though mate.


  4. Great first up effort by Willy!

    Returned $22 on Live Atom, $18.50 on Big Bruce, and $24.50 on Ocean’s Predator. Jimassi got scratched so his $10 was returned there.

    Total winnings: $75.

    Next up is Matteo.



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