Punting R10

Written by Motts on May 27 2011

Afternoon Punters

Motts is scaling it back and has just whacked a multi this week on mostly straight out wins. That’s right, I’m dropping the risk in the search of a win. The whole thing pays $6.21, tell me what you think.



Geelong 40+






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17 thoughts on “Punting R10”

  1. Mottsy, not punting related but I reckon you do a poll on which premiums people are upgrading to. Very difficult choice this week!


  2. Very similar to my multi Motts, although I have played a big one with straight out wins by putting my money on a Goliath – 243(?) every possible combination of my 8 picks this week – the same as you +Freo over the Saints….
    Pays off if you pick 6 or more wins for the week
    (starts paying off after 5 wins if you tip 7 – and was about 124 combinations from memory).
    ie each team on it’s own, every combination of 2,3,4,5,6,7 and of course the 8 team multi. – $1 on each.


  3. My multi for the week

    Carlton 40-59
    Sydney 20-39
    St Kilda 1-19
    Richmond 20-39
    Geelong 60+
    Hawthorn 20-39

    Odds 3211.95 : 1
    Put $4 on it
    For a Return of 12847.80

    With the TV and radio talking about not talking about game odds about AFL game matches does this mean the AFL will spark and end to Mott’s Punting Blogs


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  5. Not bad Motts. Reckon you could have upped the anti on the Blues to win by 25+, as its Paris Hilton.


  6. Adel vs Bris Either under 15.5pts
    West Coast first team to 25 pts
    Haw vs Doggies total score 221+

    $43.94 whacked a Pav on it!



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