Punting R20

Written by Motts on August 5 2011

What are your best bets for the weekend?

I got on Freo +36 tonight and right now I’m more than a little concerned.


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25 thoughts on “Punting R20”

  1. West Coast line(-42.5)
    Freo Line (-36.5)
    Sydney win
    Canterbury win
    NZ, Tri Nations 1-12
    Nth Melbourne (-35.5)
    Carlton over 39.5

    $30 win to collect $1997.45.


  2. You bloody beauty..put a lazy tenner on mzungu to get most disposable in group b , paying $10 to 1 ( won $100 – $ 30 for other bets lost = $70 in the bank)


  3. Chucked a couple of dollars on sportingbet at Milney for first goal into Saints under 39.5. Odds of $18. Bloody 1.5pts off. Not happy. There was a throw on the Freo 50 on the siren that they didn’t pay. Not that i’m bitter and twisted about it.


  4. Breakdown of known bets:
    Highway – no
    Sideshow – no
    Scatts – YES
    Roo Bloke – no

    Fortunately all my other bets got up (5 leg multi on all the fave’s by 15.5pts, 3 leg multi of Stevie J more goals than points into a few faves & Adelaide to win) so doubled my money.

    Three or four weeks of winning on the footy punt now. Will publicise all my bets here now. Bound to lose now though!!

    Question is …. did Mottsy or BB get the moolah??


  5. no one put up a punting thread on friday during the day lol, i went straight from work to the footy.

    I tipped 8 as well. Very lucky with bombers and crows. Also had a another multi the same as above but scotland out and put north under 39.5 in for a bit of fun… was looking great until buddy popped up for a quick one.

    Now the EPL starts so ill be having some big bets with the AFL NRL EPL multied up



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