R10 Progress Scores

Written by MJ on June 5 2015

The result tonight may be an indication of how your long weekend is going to turn out.

All the way through from Friday – Monday, let this be the place to check-in on how the community is traveling. Feel welcome to chime in yourself, with a match report on your side’s small victories across the four days.

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76 thoughts on “R10 Progress Scores”

  1. Biggest decision of the weekend maybe even the year

    T/U take mcintoshes 51

    T/D back in the rest rebounding defender in the game in Nathan J. Brown for a ton


  2. You would think after taking huge hits on all lines (no cover on any of them) the SC gods would smile a bit more kindly on me.

    5 minutes into the game and M.Johnson is injured and subbed out on -3.

    Was rank 100. Will be a long weekend it seems, both literally and figuratively.


  3. 338/3/Gray

    Fyfe the VC, will take Gray’s score as captain. Great game from Dusty, good to see him under some packs winning the contested footy!


    260/2/Fyfe (VC)
    Decisions to make now with Fyfe not up to his lofty captain standards.
    Tom Mitchell could go beserk against the Suns.
    Robbie Gray’s been in fantastic form, but may get followed by Wallis.
    Jordan Lewis could also fire against the Saints.
    Pendlebury a bit out of form and supposedly playing with an injured shoulder?

    511/5/Fyfe (VC)
    Ellis-Yolmen the only disappointing score so far.

    And this is where everything goes downhill.
    JPK and Goddard well below standards.
    Bellchambers…no words.
    Gray debuting as Captain didn’t turn out well either.

    Shocking turns into deplorable today.
    Jordan Lewis a late withdrawal last week and now pulls out an amazing 63 on debut for me.
    Newnes back to his old self.
    Shaw and Goldstein the only real performers today.
    Oxley, Pendlebury, Swan and Hogan to play. I may be lucky to scrape 2,000 this week…


  5. Thoughts….ditch fyfe, and captain on either parker, dangerfield or shiel? I have gray but opponent has him captain and going for some difference.


  6. 359 Dusty, Barlow and Fyfe as VC.

    More importantly I loaded up on Freo early at $3 bucks. When they blow out to $12 I thought I better try and lay off and took them with +31 pts.

    Lets just say the neighbors may have thought I was beating my GF when I thought Jack R kicked a goal in the last mintues to go when they were up by 26.

    I’m not sure who touched it but I want to kiss them. Somehow I came out in front and my SCT had a good start. All in all good night! Haha


  7. 314 / 3 / Fyfe -> Grey.

    Nice match from Martin, and McIntosh is better than a donut. His average score means I will trade him out next week, so at least that question is put to bed.


  8. ***Friday Night Update***
    Demons Of Darch
    260/2/Gray (Fyfe VC)
    Just Fyfe & Martin on field, I also have McIntosh on the bench (54) who I may leave there and play N Brown…never thought I’d say that…

    Big desicions now on my Captain,

    T/Up Captain Gray
    T/Down Captain Buddy (On debut)
    comment keep Fyfe


  9. Just Fyfe so far. C going on buddy, danger or Pendles

    Are these crazy trade ideas to avoid 2 massive donuts and to shape my bye rounds….

    Bennell + Touk into JJKennedy + Wallis
    Bennell + Bont into Dahlhouse + Wallis

    Thumbs up or down cheers!!



  10. 408/5/JPK, Pendles, Gray as C options.

    Indifferent start for me,Fyfe, Martin and Maric (particularly after a slow start for the Mullet) were great, Ibbotson not too flash and got my first negative score ever in Johnson with a -3. But, I’ll soldier on, still a long way to go in this Round, and no one can predict injuries after all…

    I’m sure this has been asked already guys, but:

    T/U – Take McIntosh’s 51
    T/D – Take a punt on Hamling (had him Pre Rd 1) against Port


  11. 352/3/Gray – basically on average, with Martin over offsetting Fyfe and Maric who were under.

    Would appreciate everyone’s thoughts on these trades:
    Rockliff – Wines
    Clark – Franklin

    T/U: Good trades
    T/D: Back to the drawing board


  12. 314/3/Who knows yet


    Need some help with my trades
    T/U Rocky&Clark to Wines& a Fwd under 518K ( mainly looking at tom mitchell)

    T/D Rocky&Krakouer to Wines& a Harvey/Fraklin/Roughead type

    Comment for just Krakouer to a Fwd under 523K


  13. 260 / 2
    Only Fyfe (VC) & Dusty Martin so far.
    Leaning towards Gray as Captain. JPK & Boak are other options.
    Timing of games today is good, can do a full days graft without having to constantly check on game scores & trades (until tonight!).


  14. 116/1/Gray
    Very worried about this round. Will be happier if Oxley doesn’t play now. Steady as she goes so far.


  15. No the question been asked so many times with Fyfe to captain or not but I don’t have Gray or Buddy to put the C on. But I could put the C on Lewis, Parker, Kennedy or Pendlebury.
    TU: Keep Fyfe’s 116
    TD: Risk it for either Lewis/Parker/Kennedy/Pendlebury
    If thumbs down who is best option.


  16. Not much love for Danger to wear the big C, is that because people don’t have him or think he will get a hard tag from Carlton?

    T/U C for Danger
    T/D C for D Beams


  17. So far 3/352/ Fyfe VC
    Currently happy but wished maybe Maric and Fyfe could of squeezed another 10 points but Martin played an absolute ripper.

    Sorry for the questions but I need to finalise the trade and its been hard trading with all these injuries and outs.

    Currently Iโ€™m going to do Rockliff/Oxley for Shaw/Dumont
    TU: Good Trade
    TD: Bad Trade
    Or should I trade out either Clark or Krakouer instead.
    Thoughts? (Who would be a better option Shaw or Yeo)


  18. Just my Thoughts on the decision to bring in Either one of Amon &Dumont this week . Job security is what I’m looking for , Both haven’t got a whole lot . I have been leaning towards Amon all week , Thou looking at the powers Emergencies this Week (Mitchel , Neade , Moore) I feel Amon is one poor Game away from one of these Guys taking his spot .All three can play Similiar roles to Amon.. So Atm Dumont looks the better Option ..


  19. 3/352/gray

    Any chance that Melb v Coll teams will be announced prior to the GC v Swans game at 4.35?
    Want to bring in buddy but my downgrade will depend if Oxley is named for cover.


  20. 2/260/ undecided
    Currenlty fielding 20 with two down up forward so thoughts on
    Rockliff> Demont(via Bontempelli)
    Leaves me with 70k, only one short and fits the bye structure
    TU: Yay
    TD: Nay


  21. Just Dusty and Fyfe on field last night. Thinking Gray or Priddis as captain now.

    Going to cop donuts if I donโ€™t do trades, so what are peopleโ€™s thoughts on the following:

    Option 1:
    Rockliff > Wallis (cash generation/possible keeper at M8 or M9
    Goodes > B Smith (going early but shouldnโ€™t drop too much value)

    Option 2:
    Rockliff > Dangerfield
    Goodes > Hamling

    Option 3:
    Rockliff > Goddard (will be moved to FWD when Hogan is ready to be cashed in)
    Goodes > Hamling



  22. 352/3/Danger or Gray, undecided

    Happy so far. Fyfe’s 116 isn’t quite enough to loophole. Not sure if Danger will cop a tag against the Blues. Thoughts?

    T/U Danger will be tagged and score lower
    T/D Danger will run free and score big


  23. Anyone else copping a doughnut in forward line?
    Clark, Krak, Bont & Bennell all out. Can’t plan for that.


  24. Hi folks
    I kept Nic Malcheski as I picked him at the start . He’s back this week. Is it safe to play him ahead of Brown (Coll) and Hambling (dogs) ? Any thoughts appreciated , cheers


  25. Just saw that Oxley has been named, but with a BE of 96, is it worth keeping the faith with him once more?

    T/U Yes

    T/D Trade

    If the verdict is to trade, then my main option at this stage would be to bring in Dumont, by swinging McKenzie into DEF, however it does means losing my DEF/MID option, as all 4 of my D/M’s are then in the backline.

    The other thing playing on my mind is my R11 selection is down to 14 on the field, so not good at all from that perspective! (Didn’t do any pre-planning unfortunately!!)

    My other option is to trade Rocky out (has R11 bye) for Dumont, which I then will have 15 on the field and then with 3 trades, I ‘may’ be able to field 18 players!

    Either way, if it’s Oxley or Rocky this round, then I will have between $200k – $320k in the bank for R11 and 19 trades left.

    TIA for any help/input.


  26. 1306 / 13 / Buddy

    Fyfe, Buddy, Titch, Selwood only players to raise a ton.

    Happy with new recruit Buddy. That’s about all though.


  27. 1228 / 12 / Gray

    Sad Gray did not work out. Seems like others have made up for him. Hoping to make 2200+ this week.

    My only real annoyance is CEY. Didn’t even make his breakeven!


  28. Need help badly from SCT community. I’m currently down in my matchup and still have my trades left. I’m currently going to trade out Oxley and Rockliff for Dumont and H.Shaw/Yeo but which would be the better player to grab.
    TU: H.Shaw
    TD: Yeo


  29. 1240/11/gray

    Was smiling until the port v Bulldogs game with straight tons + Cripps 99. Unfortunately got subpar scores from gray and Dahlhaus

    Heroes – Fyfe, D Martin, Parker, K Jack, T Mitchell, J Selwood
    Villains – Gray, Dahlhaus

    Anyone know how serious dahlhaus’ injury was?


  30. 1178/12 gray
    Really happy with Wines on debut. Lost 29 on captain over Fyfe but was worth the risk as I had poor kelly score of 32 and CYE 43.

    Parker and Mitchell great, JPK what is going on.

    Hoping for a big sunday. 2200 is looking about par this week.


  31. 1444/15/Gray

    Mmmmm, looking like taking my 1st real hit for the SC season, with all the outs/injuries for me this round & having minimal cover this week I knew it was going to be an extra looooooong week-end in SC.

    JPK, Goddard, Miller, CEY & McIntosh all unders, on top of that Grays 1st ever game of donning the big ( C ) for Catta’s Clan has failed miserably just to add to the SC headache.

    Those Crownies on ice in the esky are going to ease the SC pain today, watching the Mighty Hawks v Saints with some close mates ๐Ÿ˜‰


  32. 1106/12/Gray

    + : Buddy, Fyfe, Danger, Martin, Cripps
    – : Johnson, JPK, Dahl, Gray

    JPK slacked off imo, and longmire highlighted the swans playing luckluster so hopefully he pumps some better scores in the near future.

    I think Dahl had a problem with the knee in q2?

    But johnson, my oh my – probably the sc universe balancing out me only having rocky and bartel as long term injuried premiums so far.


  33. 1725/18/Pendles

    I’m assuming from the lack of activity in this post most people are struggling and don’t want to shout about it.

    Whilst my score isn’t massive, it certainly looks to be quite reasonable this week looking across my leagues, considering i was “just avoiding Doughnuts” this week, so far i’m happy.

    Just hoping my decision to not take Fyfe’s VC doesn’t backfire.


  34. 1,845/17/Fyfe

    Franklin, Titchell, Parker, Dangerfield,Selwood,Goldstein,Fyfe, Martin all had big tons. No disasters in the other 9. Go Collingwood tomorrow.


  35. 2019/20/JPK

    Have swanny left and can either take amons 62 or roll with De Goey?

    T/U take amons 62

    T/D roll with De Goey if he isn’t the sub


  36. 1753 / 18 / Gray

    Quite a mix of studs and duds this week. So many duds the studs aren’t keeping us even. I’m really looking forward to upgrading and maybe (maybe) managing to average a little higher.

    My only hope to move up in the ranks is that after upgrading I’ll catch up to people who went for points now over growth. Not going to catch the people who manager both points now and good rookies of course.


  37. 1711/19 gray
    Having a horrible round will struggle to make 2000 and will drop down the rankings. Was hoping to hold my ranking until the rounds.

    Lewis, JPK, Kelly, CYE, Bouryone so many spuddy scores.

    Swan, Hogan and Pendles to come


  38. 1825/19/Fyfe.

    Pendles, Swan and Oxley to come.

    Great scores from Martin, Mitchell, Goldstein and Higgins; but terrible showings from McIntosh, Miller, Smith, Ellis-Yolmen, Tarrant, Newnes…



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