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  1. 479/3/selwood

    got greenwood as midfield emergency.
    I’ve still got Hanners, Fyfe, Titch, Bont, Martin, JPK to play, Hanners is probably the main candidate to bench for Greenwood’s score based on his current form.
    T/U take greenwood’s score
    T/D back Hanners to score more


  2. 648 / 4 / Danger

    Danger, Selwood, M Crouch and Greenwood.

    Off to an absolute flyer. I’m enjoying the view from on high while I can before things deteriorate across the weekend.


  3. 663/ 4 / Danger

    Danger (VC), Joelwood, Sloane (M9), Laird. Loopholes galore, now have to choose between fielding Fyfe or Treloar. Leaning towards Fyfe atm. And they all called me crazy for keeping Sloane


  4. 867/6/danger

    Sloan as the loopholed mid certainly got my round off to a fast start. Raise the bat also Danger (on one farking leg), Selwood, Greenwood and Tuoy, with Laird a little underwhelming.


  5. 453 / 4 / Danger x2

    I’d like to take Greenwood’s 103, only question is for who do i sub off that won’t reach that 103 mark:
    Rockliff, Treloar, Murphy

    I’m leaning towards subbing Rocky off as he’s been a bit out of form lately.


  6. I’ve got Greenwood as my mid emergency.
    Iโ€™ve still got Hanners, Titch, Bont, Martin, JPK & Rocky to play.
    Rocky is the only one I’d consider benching for Greenwoodโ€™s score of 103.
    T/U take greenwoodโ€™s score
    T/D back Rocky to score more


    1. Changed my mind at the last moment – rolled the dice on Rocky and put him back on the field. Can’t regret it now as my non playing rookie M Hibberd (Nth) is locked. He’s due for a big score …right??


  7. Greenwood seems to be on everyone’s mind this morning. Like above coaches, he’s on my bench, in the forwards. I’d like to take his score, so it comes down to switching him out with either T Lynch or Dahl, both of which who have been below par of late.

    TU: Put Lynch on the bench
    TD: Put Dahlhaus on the bench

    Comment for leave it as it is & pray to the supercoach gods that it’s the right decision – which it rarely is.


  8. 994 / 7 / Danger

    Worse score so far is Merrett on debut with a 98. Things will sour, they always do in this caper, but what a start!!


  9. 1062 after 8 players. Loopholed Danger into the big C. Hopefully everyone else performs and I should reach about 2500 at the completion of the round


  10. 1435 / 11 / Danger.

    9 tons already. Sloane., Jellwood, Hibberd and Danger all awesome.

    Laird 83 and Lynch 80 only real let downs.

    Projected 2583.

    Now watch it all unravel!


    1. Sorry, added Gawns score (bench with an e so I can put the C on Danger) before realising it was already included. Can add about 475/5 from tonight’s players, not one of my swans tonned up.


      1. 1900/16 now with Nank, Shaw, Witherden, Docherty, Treloar and Yeo to come, have not scored over 2300 this year not holding high hopes either because Sundays always stuff me up.


  11. 1690/14/Danger

    Murphy, Docherty, Beams, Adams, Kelly Nank, Dusty, Yeo left. Looking solid. I’m not getting too excited. Sundays never seem to work out


  12. Big game in LoEC3:

    Team Schwarz 1676 /15 / Danger


    Huttabito 1500/ 13 / Danger

    PODs on Sunday
    Schwarz: Z.Williams, K.Simpson
    Hutta: Dusty, Treloar, Yeo & Doc

    Think I need a bit of luck ๐Ÿ˜‰


  13. 1389/13/ Danger into Doc
    Still have Nank, Greene,Ward,Kelly, Treloar,Yeo,Doc,Grundy,Adams to go.
    All my bench players have performed admirably
    Def.Melican 80
    Mid Greenwood 103
    Fwd Lynch 77
    I’m a bit perplexed as to where to go from here do I
    TU Hold as is in case of late outs(meaning you’ll miss Greenwood’s score and take Doc as captain
    TD Loophole D.Lloyd with either Ward, Kelly, Treloar Gets Greenwood’s score Danger as captain but may look at a Donut if any of those3 are late outs
    Bird in the hand with both options although having Witherden as a non playing ,playing last should counter the last concern.


  14. 1601 / 15 / Danger
    After a good start friday night, saturday a bit underwhelming,
    Apparent premiums 90 or under R.Gray,JPK,Buddy, Laird
    80 or under Bont,Hurley,T.Lynch,Lloyd.
    Greenwood and Hardwick on field covering Pendles and Goldy
    (not many trades left) have been good.



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