R19 Captain Selection

Written by Duck on August 2 2013

I gambled last weekend, not satisfied with 116 from GAJ, i flicked the C over to Scott Pendlebury and paid the price … if anything, i should have given it to Swanny – but hindsight’s a beautiful thing.

So, this week i’ll hit GAJ up with the VC on Saturday and use Swan as my fall back on Sunday.

Who’s getting the job done for you? You can pick 2 of these blokes.

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20 thoughts on “R19 Captain Selection”

  1. GAJ (vc) into Swan (c), if the little master breaks 140 it’s his, if not Swanny will don the big C.

    Since 2011,

    Selwood v Kangers has gone 140, 140 & 126…….ave 135.3
    Bartel v Kangers has gone 157, 102 & 112………..ave 123.6
    Stevie J just played the 1 game & got a dismal……60

    Pendles v Essendon has gone 136, 125, 140, 160 &130….ave 138.2
    Swanny v Essendon has gone 127, 175, 180, 176 & 106….ave 152.8
    Watson v Pies has gone 126, 126, 93, 119 & 90………………ave 110.8

    Swans looking like the obvious choice for me this round, that’s if you can utilize the loophole of course ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Ablett into Swan or Pendlebury for me. Likely Swan. Hocking will go to Pendlebury (which will likely have little effect) but Swan is always allowed to run free.



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