R21 Progress Scores

Written by MJ on August 11 2017

Playing in a semi-final? Not playing in a semi-final? Want to tell us about it anyway?!

Score / No of Players / Captain


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10 thoughts on “R21 Progress Scores”

  1. I’ve stuffed up my vc/c loophole with Freo already playing , what was I thinking!!
    Can’t take Dangers score
    For captain
    TU Gawn
    TD Oliver

    The only other option is to put White on for Wines which takes Dahlhaus’s score of 68. Robbing Peter to pay Paul I’m thinking.


  2. looks like a heartbreaking end to my year.Projected to win all 3 games by 200-300 points,Zorko(c) and many under-performers and i am now looking at losing all by at least 50!!!!!!!. 2 trades and 400K left in bank!!!!!


  3. 1778 / 18 / Danger

    Only interested in one match and that’s the LoEC3 Semi Final against Huttabito. Don’t know how I’m still there but I got half a chance……….

    Team Schwarz 1778
    Hutta 1569

    Who will win?

    T/U Team Schwarz with PODs Higgins & Ryder + 209pts OR

    T/D Huttabito with PODs Gawn, Hibberd, T.Mitchell & Treloar


  4. The TEAM

    1924 / 19 / Danger

    We’re still in two Finals series in Leagues #2 & 4. Going to need a bit of luck on Sunday but might just scrape through against Team Davo in TEAM League #2…….


  5. Thanks VC Sporko for your 78, so now rolling dice on Gawn or Titch. Please thumb me, thanks..

    T/U Gawn
    T/D Titch



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