R23 Progress Scores

Written by MJ on August 26 2016

This is it. It’s Grand Final time!

How are you going?

Score / No of Players / Captain

I’m up against our fearless leader, Motts in a cash league GF & The SCT Writers League. We’ll try keep you updated.


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15 thoughts on “R23 Progress Scores”

  1. If I dont used trade in above do I used last trade and trade whitcross to anyone in backline TU
    See how Bartel goes first and if he scores sub 90 then trade whitecross to anyone playing sat night or Sunday TD


  2. Im 23 points behind opponent. He’s had merret/priddis and ive had selwood and 3qtrs from buddy. We both have danger as captain. Hes three uniques are neale, rich, steven. Mine are gray, wines, zac williams.
    T/u back my guys in
    T/d put hall on field and loophole ward/dahl to create and extra pod


  3. 2147, 19, danger
    I am 422 ahead of opponent. As mentioned above he has Steven, rich, neale, dahl to go (I played hall and took wards points, hope jansen isnt a late in!).
    He has two trades left so if neale is a late out he could possibly upgrade. It is gonna be tight!


  4. Cash League Grand Final

    MJ – 1720 / 16 / Pendles
    Pods: T.Rockliff, J. Gunston, S.Pendlebury, M.Boyd


    Motts – 2127 / 18 / Danger
    Pods: S. Martin, L. Dahlhaus

    I’m going to need some luck to win it from here!



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