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Written by Chips Ahoy! on April 13 2017

Many coaches were faced with one of the more difficult elements of Captaincy selection last week, when VC option Pendlebury scored 125 on Friday night. Popular opinion is that 130 provides the cut-off however many would’ve been tempted by the Magpie champion’s score. Those willing to roll the dice on Danger (138) were able to net themselves a handy little 13 point advantage. It may not seem like much, but Supercoach is death-by-1000-cuts, and the right Captaincy selection, or nailing the weekly Rookie Russian roulette, can go a long way to overall position, or weekly match-ups. Sometimes it’s easy to get greedy and not take your VC’s score, but early in the season, when overall is still wide open, you also have to consider Best Case Scenario, and hope the chips fall your way.


With perma-Captain Dangerfield playing on Monday against cellar-dwellers Hawthorn, essentially every game becomes a loophole opportunity (provided you have a non-playing… err… player). It’s always worth risking someone with a high-ceiling, and Friday night gives us just that, with Josh J. Kennedy back home against a youthful Sydney. Everyone knows Kennedy provides a rollercoaster, and after two down weeks, he’s due for a peak. After a 174 in the opening round made JJK the #1 scorer, his ownership spiked. His recent record against Sydney doesn’t make for pretty reading, but if you traded him in, he might be about to repay the faith.

Recent record against Sydney: 63, 55, 62


Under-performing players such as JOM are squarely on the chopping block this week, with many coaches turning their gaze to Richmond gun, food critic, and all-round nice guy, Dustin Martin. Having started the season on fire, Martin is set to follow in the footsteps of Dangerfield, Rockliff, Parker and Gray, and become a popular midfield selection despite losing FWD eligibility. The Tigs are up against the much improved Lions this weekend, but once Richmond get on a roll, they’re very hard to stop.

Martin’s recent record against Brisbane – 129, 110, 102, 80

And on Monday…
Dangerfield’s recent record against Hawthorn – 162, 106, 159


Marc Murphy was one of the most reliable premiums from 2009-2013, when his average didn’t dip below 112. However in the four seasons since, his top average was 106, and dropped as low as 80 last year. He was tossed around a little during pre-season RMT’s, but many dismissed the Carlton skipper. For just 434K, those who rolled the dice on Smurph have been rewarded with a 142 average. After a BOG performance against the Dons, he shows no signs of slowing down against Gold Coast this week.

Recent record against GC – 64, 114, 117


Freo surprised everyone on Saturday night after outlasting the Premiers, and central to the upset was Aaron Sandilands. He hasn’t burst out of the blocks this season, but has put up two tons in the first three rounds. With Melbourne adjusting to life with Minimum Gawn, could Sandi be about to go large?

Sandiland’s recent record against the Dee’s – 120, 72, 76

Let us know who you’re putting the C on this week!

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20 thoughts on “R4 Captaincy Candidates”

  1. Most like Buddy into Danger for me. Have Dusty but don’t know if Robinson may be set to do a number on him.


  2. Sandi/Strnadica playing early limits my VC options. Has to be JPK then (which I’m not confident about) into Danger.


    1. I thought I had no loophole but I’ve also got Eddy. VC on Fyfe for mine as the Melbourne mids could shark a lot of hitouts.


        1. They’ve given up
          150+: 1
          140-149: 1
          130-139: 1
          120-129: 2

          I still think 130 would be the pass mark for Dangerfield.


  3. God you’re deep, Chips. Your excerpts take me to another level.

    Dahlhaus into Danglefield for me. Only have Strnadica not playing on my bench so need my VC to play before Freo.


  4. Fyfe into Danger but I also have run out of non-players after Strnadica, surely Pickett will be struggling to get a run! I lost 60 points last week as I was out and didn’t activate loophole in time…I said “damn” 🙁


  5. JJK into Danger.

    You just need to right week to pick JJK, then allows me a loophole in the forward line with Hannan and Eddy not playing.

    Tough week with Thai New Year Happening lets hope my phone does not get wet and I am not to drunk to keep up with the changes and scores, will be very very difficult.


  6. Just a note for those in Australia Happy Easter and anyone in Thailand Happy Songkran, first time in my 10 Years overseas they happen on the same weekend.



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