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Written by Chips Ahoy! on April 21 2017

The further we move into the 2017 season, the less certainty it seems we have around our choice of Captain. Gone are the days of happily leaving the C on GAJ all season, and occasionally humouring ourselves with VC options to keep things interesting. Even last year, after GAJ’s decline, multiple premiums emerged as safe Captaincy choices.

Gawn is just a memory, Goldstein is a shadow of his former glory, Fyfe hasn’t scaled previous heights; Shaw, Treloar and Hanners are being traded out, and typically consistent performers Pendles, Dusty and Danger have dropped some pretty unremarkable scores.

Top scorers Rockliff, Sloane and Bont all have relatively low ownership. Are we now to place our faith in Smurfette née Papa Smurph?


Yes! Smurph is one of the most traded-in players this week, and as the Top SC player, why not? Well, multiple reasons, but that’s for another post.

If you’re amongst one of Murph’s growing number of owners, you’d be mad not to throw him the VC on Friday night. He has a pretty ordinary recent record against Port, but without looking at the numbers, its safe to assume he has a pretty ordinary recent record against almost everyone.

Recent record against Port – 92, 103, 27, 122


A saviour for those who VC’ed him on Good Friday, Dahlhaus showed why he was such a popular pick over pre-season, knocking out a handy 145. Thank you Jebus!

Coming up against a surprisingly not-terrible Brisbane, the Doggie’s should have no trouble accounting for the young Lions, so ask yourself; What Would Dahlhaus Do (WWDD)? Kick goals and rack up possies hopefully.

Recent record against the Lions – 103, 108, 97, 68

Dangerfield’s recent record against St Kilda – 110, 116, 100, 87


Rockliff was one of the most difficult decisions over pre-season. Everyone know’s he has the ability to put up consistently elite numbers, but his terrible injury record scared many people away. Those that took the risk would’ve been very happy with his massive 176 on the weekend. He has a rare ability to score extremely well in a losing side, so coming up against the reigning premiers away from home should hopefully provide no obstacle to a repeat performers. Also plays in the second game of the Round, so a good VC option as well.

Rockliff’s recent record against the Dogs – 83, 104, 153, 122


Despite an underwhelming performance against Adelaide, former skipper Jobe Watson has actually made a pretty good return to Supercoach this season, scoring two 90s and a ton. The Don’s were OK in patches against the Crows, and you’d think they’d have plenty to play for on ANZAC Day against the Magpies. Playing in the last game of the round, you’d be an anxious (and brave) coach to make Jobe your Captain, but with a vacant spot on the medal shelf, it’d be no surprise to see the Bombers champ put in a BOG performance.

Watson’s recent record against the Pies – 91, 115, 115, 126


Much like Marc Murphy, Melbourne have a pretty terrible record against almost everyone, which will happen when you play poorly for years on end. One of the few exceptions is their recent history against Richmond, who they’ve matched up against pretty well. Despite being a Brownlow favourite, I’d be steering clear of Dusty this weekend, especially on the back of his quiet game against Brisbane. Should the Dee’s get rolling on ANZAC Day Eve, expect the Melbourne faithful to smugly remind Martin that he was only the third best player in the 2009 draft.

Martin’s recent record against Melbourne – 79, 85, 118

Who is your Captain this week?

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12 thoughts on “R5 Captaincy Candidates”

  1. T/U – Wines into Danger
    T/D – The Dahl into Danger

    Might be raining in Adelaide, so lots of contested balls, Ollie could go alright?


  2. I feel Zorko has a big one just around the corner… my spidey sense is tingling… gonna throw him the VP and toss the C on Danger. I think it’s way too early to get carried away with talk that Danger is no longer reliable!


  3. Unsure who to take as captain
    i am going for dahl as VC but i not sure whether to go Fyfe or Jelwood as Capt
    TU: Fyfe
    TD: Jelwood


  4. Fyfe as capt.

    Thinking of risking the vc on Ryder with krezuer out and he coming off suspension… surely he puts in a huge game


  5. Stef into Danger for me. Danger rarely has 2 quiet games in a row, but depends how much time he spends jogging around the forward 50. I may change it to Fyfe tomorrow.



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