Rare Gems – Rd10

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 26 2017

There are the popular choices in Supercoach, then come the Points Of Difference………then there’s the Rare Gems.  The players that are pumping out the big digits just for you and your team.  Every few weeks we’ll try and unearth the Rare Gems (under 3% ownership, exceptions in the RUCK/FWD line) that could propel your team up the rankings……..



Jarrod Harbrow (GCS) – Missed the opening two games which kept him right under the radar, hence his 1.3% ownership.   Over the past six weeks, Harbrow has racked up five tons!  Currently at $472 500, he offers some value against the Top DEFs sitting at $500k +.  His name is bobbing up in Trade Talk so the low ownership rate might be given an almighty shove very soon.  (Latest addition to the Community TEAM, fingers crossed it pays off!)



Mitch Duncan (GEE) – Previous best season produced a 100avg back in 2014.  Doubts are there as to his ability to hold the current 107avg.  Either way, his current owners (all 0.9% of them) can’t complain and he is still an affordable price at $515 300. Six tons and a 99 from the opening nine weeks underline a consistency not yet realized by Duncan.  A further 100 against Port last night is testament to that………



Shane Mumford (GWS) – Has already made an appearance in Rare Gems this year but continues to produce the goods.  Remarkable achievement to score 135 pts against Richmond from just five disposals (and 40 hitouts) last Saturday.  A recent 67pts performance has brought his price down to a handy $526k.  The second-best Ruckman going around at the minute and still owned by just 5.4% of teams out there.  His injury history should be known to most Supercoaches.  Always approach with caution……..



Joe Daniher (ESS) – Has had a massive last month scoring 105, 79, 114, 106 & 124.  That form has sent his price up to $485 100, with many starting to ask the question: ‘Has Big Joe finally arrived as a dominant forward?……And should I get him into my team?’  Currently owned by 3.5% of Coaches, this might be the last time we see Joe around this price for a while.  Especially with a BreakEven of 55.


Are any of these Rare Gems in your side?  Have you considered any as a big point of difference?


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3 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Rd10”

  1. I was saying Daniher at the start of the year could be a good chance to jump up to premo status. Last year, he finished really well and he averaged over 100 when the bombers won. With a better line-up for the dons, chances always were that he would get more chances.

    However, I wasn’t ballsy enough in the end to start with him, but I still hold the right to say “I told you so!”.


  2. Joe Daniher’s SC scores this season – 99, 78, 40, 89, 105, 79, 114, 106, 124.
    Pretty good for a KPF especially if you got on board from the start or grabbed him when he was <400K. It looks like Joe's found a way to consistently have some sort of meaningful impact on the game. He's the barometer for Essendon I feel, at least Supercoach scoring wise.
    His highest score being 124 is a little bit concerning though. Other SC relevant KPPs like JJK, Lynch, Franklin usually go massive when they kick 5+ goals but Daniher has done it twice now and once only barely got over the tonne and the other time put up a 124.
    However I'll take consistency over roller coaster scoring with massive highs and lows any day of the week and if the Bombers continue to do well I think Joe will too. I'd definitely consider taking Daniher over Lynch but not sure if I'd take over Buddy or JJK.



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